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The Bachelor Recap Episode 5

Should we just start calling it the Corrine Show instead of The Bachelor?

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We start with Taylor vs. Corrine again. I made a fun little drinking game for this. Drink 1 every time Taylor says "Emotional Intelligence", Drink 2 every time Corrine calls her a bitch, and Drink 3 each time Corrine drinks.

Watching a haunted house on TV is even less fun than you would think (and it doesn't even sound that fun to begin with). They touch what they're "not supposed to" which causes Mae, the spirit of the house, to get angry. BOO!

Getting ready for the two on one date, Corrine preps by ordering a 5 course meal and Taylor is huffing incense. Things only go uphill from here, for our entertainment not their sanity.

While taking turns, the one not getting her script errr I mean cards read gets a chance to talk with Nick. Heads up, the drinking game from earlier is back and you're going to need a new bottle of wine. "Emotional Intelligence."

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