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Which BatB Character Are You?

Which character from Disney's 2017 motion picture "Beauty and the Beast" are you most alike to? Answers include: Gaston, Lefou, Belle and Prince Adam(Beast). I may make another one which includes different characters if this quiz interests the public.

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  1. Question One!

    Out of the options provided, what would be your prefered pastime?

    Spend some time reading - getting into a good book
    Do some outdoor activity (sports, hunting, camping etc)
    Watch a performance of Romeo and Juliet
    Read some popular memes.
    Be with a person you love
    Spend some time alone
    Cheer people up!
  2. Question Two!

    If an elderly lady were to come to your house to ask for shelter on a cold and stormy night, how would you react?

    Laugh at her with your friends, and send her away
    Be a bit suspicious, but let her in for the night
    Turn her away, without telling anybody about it
    Just let her in
  3. Question Three!

    You fall in love with somebody, but they don't feel the same way. What do you do?

    Do anything to be in a relationship with them. Anything.
    Move on
    Keep your feelings to yourself
    Let them know how you feel, but don't force them into anything
  4. Question Four!

    What do you look for in a partner

    The most beautiful person there is
    Somebody sweet
    Somebody who likes me for me
    A person with high self esteem
  5. Question Five!

    What is beauty?

    The person I love
    How good a person looks
    A person's personality
    "A combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight."
  6. Question Six!

    What do you want in life?

    To be with my crush
  7. Question Seven!

    If there was a war, would you join, and why?

    No. Just no.
    Yes, for adventure
    Only if the people I care for went
    Yes, to show how good I am
  8. Question Eight

    What is most important to you, from the following?

    My public image
    My loved ones
    My future
    My parties
  9. Question Nine!

    You are trapped in a locked room, what would you do?

    Pick the lock
    Knock down the door
    Sit there
  10. Question Ten!

    If this were a breakfast menu, what would you eat?

    Eggs and a protein shake.
    Cereal and some mil
    Frozen apple juice topped with foam that has a citrus tartness and a hint of marshmallow topping

Which BatB Character Are You?

You got: Gaston

You are Gaston!

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You got: Lefou

You are Lefou!

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You got: Belle

You are Belle!

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You got: Adam/Beast

You are Adam!

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