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Mother And Daughter Disappear Mysteriously After Prank Call

Mother, Michelle Peterson (46) and daughter Rachel Peterson (16) from Massachusetts disappeared mysteriously after three mobile phone calls.

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The Calls

The first and second call were of a similar nature, according to brother and son Stephen Peterson (18). He stated to us that, "My mom was telling me that Rachel was being silly with her phone. She said that Rachel called her mobile, then asked why she was calling her in school. I don't know why you want to know, through, It's all just a prank."

The third call was "spookier" than the first two. Husband and father John Peterson (52) stated that, "It was spookier than anything else I'd heard of in my lifetime. This woman, Angelica Longbottom, called my wife and daughter from their respective phones, and told them to say goodbye. I wasn't superstitious before this; I am now."

The Legend

The urban legend of Angelica Longbottom is obscure, and believed to have originated in Australia. It goes as follows:

A mother of one, Angelica Longbottom, was gifted a Lumia phone by her daughter for her birthday. According to legend, the woman was ran over by a car while texting, and died. The legend states that her spirit haunts phones of that branding.

The Dissaperances

Neither of the women's bodies have been found, dead or alive, though they have been presumed dead for a week.

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