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    MTV May Or May Not Have Lied About A Teen Wolf Trailer, And People Are Pissed

    Remember when the 6A trailer came out and we were so happy?

    As you may know, the MTV Movie and TV Awards were this weekend. What you may not know about is the absolute mess that was the Teen Wolf fandom on Sunday.

    It all started with this video

    You keep asking me about the final season of #TeenWolf, but I thought you'd rather hear it from @tylergposey. Stay…

    And everyone was very excited.

    But then Teen Wolf tweeted this

    My babe @hollandroden has an exclusive #TeenWolf sneak peek tomorrow at 5PM EST at!

    And people had some questions

    "my babe holland roden has an exclusive sneak peek" "tyler posey to debut new teen wolf sneak peek" what even is a…

    Is it Holland Roden or Tyler Posey presenting the clip? Is it during the awards or three hours before? What is going on??

    Things got worse the day of, when at 5:00 there was no sneak peek

    "TEEN WOLF SNEAK PEEK AT 5PM EST" #TeenWolf #MTVAwards #mtvmovieandtvawards2017

    Fans sat around watching the live stream for hours waiting on it.

    Then, finally, the Teen Wolf cast took to the stage...

    💜 @shelleyhennig, @tylergposey, and @hollandroden have arrived at the #MTVAwards festival:

    ...and then walked off


    Still no sneak peek.

    Then, to everyone's surprise, Teen Wolf tweeted the sneak peek

    The hunters are on their way to Beacon Hills in this exclusive sneak peek, but first they’re making a stop at tonig…

    People were.. a little underwhelmed

    The face you make after watching the Teen Wolf sneak peek that got us all hyped up for no reason.

    Linden: "the teen wolf Sneak Peek is really good btw." Me after watching the Teen Wolf Sneak Peek:

    What you thought your reaction to the teen wolf season 6b trailer was going to be vs what it actually was…

    But then Linden Ashby mentioned a trailer and there was hope!

    The Teen Wolf Season 6B trailer... is really good. I'm just sayin. @MTVteenwolf

    @mitchkiplings @MTVteenwolf Maybe 5PM In California...

    So then it seemed that an actual trailer would be airing during the awards.

    Unfortunately, that's not what happened.

    i watched #mtvawards for the teen wolf trailer... i watched it for nothing

    Fans watched the entire awards show, and there wasn't even a mention of Teen Wolf.

    Fans had a lot to say to MTV and Teen Wolf.

    @MTVteenwolf @khylinrhambo WHERE'S THE TRAILER

    mtv: here's the trailer for teen wolf 6b

    they used the teen wolf cast to bait us in but didn't even give us a trailer...

    "Where is the trailer?" #TeenWolf #MTVAwards

    teen wolf: why don't we give them a trailer, they're starving teen wolf: how about we don't

    And now the replies to all of Teen Wolf's tweets look like this:

    @MTVteenwolf @tylergposey @hollandroden Imagine thinking we want anything other than the trailer

    @MTVteenwolf @tylergposey @hollandroden so the trailer...

    @MTVteenwolf @tylergposey @hollandroden WE WANT THE TRAILER

    @MTVteenwolf @tylergposey @hollandroden Give us the trailer

    @MTV @StydiaNews @MTVteenwolf Reunite us with a trailer

    @MTVteenwolf @tylergposey no give us the trailer

    @MTVteenwolf @tylergposey release the trailer

    @MTVteenwolf ... I'm not doing anything until we get the Teen Wolf Trailer.

    @MTVteenwolf @tylergposey Me looking for the trailer

    You get the idea.

    I guess now all we can do is reminisce about simpler times..

    Remember when the 6A trailer came out and we were so happy? #TeenWolf