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We Got Our '80s Groove On At The "Ready Player One" Premiere

Check out all the Red Carpet action, and get pumped up for Ready Player One, in theaters everywhere March 29!

In case you missed it, BuzzFeed was LIVE at the premiere of Steven Spielberg's new mega pop-culture adventureganza, Ready Player One! Check out the Facebook Live video here:

Facebook: video.php

Devin, Chantel, and Curly got their '80s groove on with the cast and creators of the epic, action-packed, and seemingly-impossible-to-make-but-somehow-they-pulled-it-off movie.

Ready Player One author Ernest Cline talked about what it's like to see his first novel turned into a massive Hollywood blockbuster.

The cast of Ready Player One (including Tye Sheridan *swoon*) discussed the iconic music of the '80s.

Simon Pegg picked out his OASIS avatar.

Steven Spielberg shared his favorite part of Ready Player One...

...and showed off an unbelievable hidden talent.

And what '80s nostalgia trip would be complete without an appearance from the Back To The Future Delorean?!

Catch all the Red Carpet action on Facebook — and get excited because Ready Player One hits theaters everywhere March 29!

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