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25 Brilliant Lifehacks That Every Dog Owner Should Know

Owning a dog can be tough for both new and experienced people. Here are some creative lifehacks to help you out . . .

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2. Skedattle is a great way to naturally keep mosquitoes and ticks from bothering your dog

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SkedattleĀ® is a DEET-free and chemical-free bug repellant. It outperforms products with the chemical additive DEET and smells better than most bug sprays! It's so safe that it can be used on dogs without worry. You can get a bottle for yourself and your dog at!

9. When your dog gets loose, don't chase it; lie down and pretend you're hurt.

If you chase your dog, its instinct is to run. If you lie down on the ground and act hurt (yelping, etc.), its instinct is to come check on you and make sure you're alright. Feels like a dirty trick at the time, but it's worth saving your dog from getting hit.

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