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How to Optimize Your Counter-Strike Gaming Experience

Every gamer knows graphics, fluidity and in-game character interaction are major contributory factors to the appeal of a game. Although game developers have taken this into account, producing high resolution games, the on-screen experience varies with every gamer depending on the platform available for gaming. Luckily, some game developers offer gamers the choice of having their games on different platforms from PC to consoles. One of such games is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, one of the most popular online games ever made which runs on PC, Xbox and Playstation 3. Whichever platform is chosen for Counter-Strike gaming shapes the experience, though a few tweaks here and there can help make it even more enjoyable. For console gamers, improving the experience is straight forward: •Visuals: The higher the TV resolution, the better the video quality. Also, ensure a High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable is connected to the TV from the game—not any of those crappy A/V cables. •Audio: Gaming with surround sound never hurt anyone; it gives an authentic feel of the gaming atmosphere. On the other hand, gamers who prefer the keyboard and mouse feel have a myriad of experience-augmenting options available. For simplicity, these options are divided into two (2) categories; Software and Hardware options.

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1. Graphics Driver


The graphic card is probably the single most important defining element when talking about gaming experience. However, without the right driver installed, the graphic card cannot reach its full potential, hence the need to keep an updated graphic driver as a PC gamer. An updated graphic driver gives clearly improved graphic performance and fluid gameplay. The graphics card for your PC can be identified from the windows device manager. Go to start menu, search for device manager, click on device manager shortcut and expand the ‘display adapters’ option to see your graphics card manufacturer. Driver updates can be gotten from your graphic card manufacturer’s website.

2. Uninstaller

Windows’ operating capacity has an inverse relationship with the number of programs installed. This directly affects game performance because some programs run some sort of background activity, taking up processing space. Uninstalling these unused programs will free up some space which will allow smooth running of your game in addition to reducing loading time.

3. Mod

Despite being a mod (of half-life) itself, diehard fans and modders have been working on bringing Counter-Strike back in any form possible. You could follow Counter-strike threads to keep you updated on any releases.

4. Controllers- Gaming mouse


Gaming mouse; when choosing a gaming mouse for a first-person shooter game, one must factor in the game requirements like accuracy, speed and responsiveness. Such mouse must have a ‘sniper button’ beneath the thumb that slows down Dot-per-inch in other to line up accurate shots, relatively decreased sensitivity and a high polling time (time taken for mouse to send information to the computer). Grip is another important consideration of which 3 types exist; the claw, the palm grip and the fingertip grip. These grips seem to be unique for different gamers but when playing Counter-strike, there is a tendency to combine these grips based on emerging circumstances. Few mice like the Razer Death Adder Chroma, Final mouse 2016 Classic Ergo, SteelSeries Rival Optical Gaming Mouse, Steel Series Rival 300 Optical Gaming Mouse, Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Gaming Mouse meet these requirements. It is often said that no single mice can be said to be the best gaming mice but the SteelSeries Rival 300 optical gaming mouse tends to be leading the pack with its elegant design, high level of customization features, RGB illumination, as well as six programmable buttons. There are few outlets that provide the best mouse and keyboard for Counter-Strike games like, Global Offensive and Dota 2.

5. Controllers- Gaming keyboard


Keyboards; in the keyboard section, things to consider include; type of keyboard (membrane or mechanical), durability, Extra buttons, LED lighting, Wired or Wireless keyboard. The mechanical keyboards have an edge over the membrane keyboards with better response time, higher accuracy when using A-S-W-D keys. The following keyboards are counter-strike worthy;

•Razer BlackWideo Chroma V2 Clicky mechanical keyboard

•Logitech 710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

•CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-I Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

•CM Storm Quickfire Stealth Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

•SteelSeries 6Gv2 Mechanical Keyboard

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