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7 Ways to Get the Best Experience from your Webinar

Before we go into how to get the best experience from webinar, we will quickly run through what webinar is the word of webinar. The word itself is gotten from two words, web and nar; web from website and nar seminar. The general sense of the word suggests that it is a website seminar; however, it is not just that. It is a live meeting that takes place over the web. The meeting range from discussions to demonstration, instructional session and so on. Participants can view documents and applications via their computers while the meeting is ongoing, while shared audio allows for presentation and discussion. For a webinar session to hold the most needed things is a computer, internet and compatible browser. As an attendee of a webinar is you can either listen to the audio or the video. Webinar is a very stress free and economical way of conducting a meeting.

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1. Software


The webinar tool that is chosen to make a webinar call is very important as it can make or mar the meeting. Take for example the video quality from both ends is bad or keeps cracking or connection is lost often, communication easily breaks down. For this reason, take time to choose a webinar website that you think will work very well for you. The choice of website is the number one stop in conducting a webinar session.

2. Audio system


The device that will emit the audio of your meeting is pivotal to the success of your session. You do not want to keep asking your audience to repeat themselves; this will only emphasize the fact that you are using VOIP. Make sure you choose a very good audio device that will bring the sound out loud and clear.

3. Test your software before your session


This is especially for first time users, before your session make sure you test the webinar software and the other tools you will be using to make sure they are in the proper working condition. Avoid at all cost making your first session the first time you will be conducting a webinar. The impression that is created here will last a long time in the mind of your audience so make a good one.

4. Be careful with paralinguistic elements

As effective as webinar can be, it is not very favorable to making gestures and gestures. It is a static form of communication. This does mean you cannot make gestures or something of sorts, it means you must focus on linguistic communication than paralinguistic communication. Instead of paralinguistic elements, use your voice to enunciate your point. Use different voice pitch to make your points and emphasize the most important words of a string of words.

5. Tailor your content to meet the audience needs


The reason for hosting a webinar is to educate your audience or inform them of something. Identify what you want to communicate first. Make sure everything you will be doing is geared towards your premise. Avoid extraneous material that will put a burden your presentation or make it difficult to understand.

6. Get Visual


Use images or videos to illustrate the pints you are making just as you would for a seminar that is not virtual. Include images in your slides too as they make them more memorable and less “bland”. Make sure you do not overcrowd your presentation with visuals though. You do not want them to take away from the seminar the main ideas, just enough to highlight your ideas and make them fascinating.

7. Consider the time factor


Time is of essence during a webinar session. A session should not be up to an hour. If people can get bored easily in a non-virtual seminar, they are bound to how much a virtual one. Make your presentation short and precise. Do not waste time at all. Use simple and unambiguous words that will make you not having to explain yourself repeatedly.

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