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Scientists tell us that in a few decades, we may be able to control the aging process biologically as we’ve been getting some clues to actually making it happen (like the enzyme Telomerase, and the sirtuin genes). So, there may not be the key to a fountain of youth, prolonged life, and immortality yet, however, there are actually successful breakthroughs today that can help you keep a youthful look. The knowledge of the adequate maintenance of your body internally and externally, can help replicate cells with less error and have more energy. If you’re reading this, you can have a soft, smooth, younger looking skin and aura around you, regardless of your current age. This article will help you.

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1. Limit Your Exposure to the Sun


You want to avoid too much exposure to the sun. Overexposure to the sun causes sunburn and increased risk of skin cance or some other skin diseases or just make your skill age faster. If you can’t avoid going out on a sunny day, use sunglasses, or wear a hat.

Small amounts of daily sun produce vitamin D and are beneficial, but too much sun will damage your skin. Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses, and use zinc or titanium dioxide sunscreen.

2. Use an Anti-aging serum


Quality anti-wrinkle serums not only masks or prevent skin aging externally but also assists skin cells internally. There are a few serums like hydramedix anti aging serum that are rich in vitamin A and peptide have the capacity to boost collagen to reduce fine lines and speed cell turnover to even out discoloration and smooth skin.

Note that while many of the anti-wrinkle creams do not reverse aging of the skin, they have extremely effective cell-communicating ingredients that have the ability to connect to almost any skin cell receptor site and tell it to behave like a healthy, younger skin cell.

3. Take More Fat:


As you age, your skin becomes thinner and loses fat, causing it to sag and develop fine lines. The body produces less collagen and elastin, substances that enables the skin to maintain its smooth, plump and youthful appearance.

Increase your fat intake by taking foods with Omega-3 fatty acids (e.g. foods with fish oil or cod liver oil, salmon, walnuts, and seeds) or its multivitamins and supplements. This should help to keep your skin looking vibrant, young and healthy again.

4. Total Exercise!


Physical and mental exercise gives you more flexibiliby, improved mood, more confidence, sharp mind, and less stress. If the mind and/or body isn’t kept sharp, it shows it your outwards appearance, affecting your cells negatively.

Working out at the gym or taking a walk rather than driving all the time keeps your cells and muscles young. Mind exercises like treating puzzles and doing Yoga makes you “become aware of the connection between the mind and the body” (Cyndi Lee, New York Yoga Expert). Keep your mind your by always solving puzzles, riddles and playing electronic games. Also practice yoga or other mind-body activities at least twice a week to de-stress.

5. Vegan Meal


Eat foods with anti-oxidants. They reduce inflammation which causes wrinkle formation. Taking fruits like blueberries, pomegranates, raspberries, purple grapes, organic green tea, etc. will help in maintaining smooth skin and your youthful looks.

Getting used to eating foods that are organic and closer to nature will cause you to reduce your intake of aging toxins.

6. Get Quality Sleep


Two very important things happen when you sleep: first, your mind concretizes what you’ve learnt to improve your memory during REM sleep. Second, your immune system is switched on to ultra-mode to fight different irregularities in the body. Your skin rejuvenates and repairs itself mostly while you are asleep. Try to get quality sleep. Quality sleep is not so much of the longevity (since you can optimize your sleep by ensuring you see more bright spots than dark spots during the day), but that you could complete your REM sleep before waking up.

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