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5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Keyloggers

Keyloggers are becoming more and more widely used today than they were a few decades ago. In times past, these apps were mainly used by hackers, who used to them to gain sensitive and confidential information like passwords and login details, as well as to monitor keystrokes on devices, from a remote location. Today, with the proliferation of smartphones, especially Android devices, even individuals are starting to see the usefulness of keyloggers. Keyloggers are surveillance applications used to monitor a device: a laptop, tablet, a phone. These apps monitor your calls, text messages, emails, and websites visited. They go on to survey your contacts, capture your chats and social media accounts, as well as many more functions With androids being the most widely used of the smart devices, a good number of android keylogger apps are in existence today. Here are five facts you should know about these android keyloggers.

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Android devices don’t support remote installation of keyloggers


iPhones, iPads and certain Windows devices allow the remote installation of keyloggers like MSpy and Win-Spy. With remote installation, all you need is go online to the keylogger website, enter your device ID, pay the subscription fee and the keylogger gets installed on your device, irrespective of where it is. However, for your android device, the keylogger must be installed locally; from the phone itself. This has its advantage as anyone looking to monitor you will have to get hands on your device first…which could be quite a task.

Keyloggers can report remotely


It has been established that keyloggers must be installed locally on your android device. These keyloggers basically monitor your device: your media, texts, emails, chats etc. The reports garnered from this surveillance however, are reported remotely and can be accessed from any other device: a computer, another phone or a tablet.

Once you login to your profile on the keylogger website, you have access to the reports delivered straight to your dashboard. Certain keyloggers in addition, also support live microphone listen-in and live webcam view of your report.

Keyloggers work better on rooted android devices


Let’s be clear, android keyloggers work on both rooted and non-rooted devices. However, they perform better and offer many more options on rooted devices. The capture of two-sided chats, social media (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) spying, capture of voice calls, screenshots of phone screen during operation, and the recovery of deleted media are among the numerous other options available only on rooted devices. Thus, if the keylogger must function optimally, it needs a rooted android device.

Android keyloggers offer remote control functions


The word remotely comes up again for a device that doesn’t allow remote installation. Android keyloggers allow a user to remotely control the core functions of their device. You can lock, block, shutdown, and even restart your android device from a remote location. In addition, some of these keyloggers allow you to wipe the data on your device remotely as well.

Keyloggers “log” your every keystroke


Perhaps this is where the name comes from. Android keyloggers have the capacity to log and capture every keystroke on your device: your login details, passwords, typed texts, search entries…whatever you type on your device. Even after you have deleted, or mistakenly wiped your entries, the keylogger retains the captured keystrokes. This function helps you readily know what anyone types on your phone.

Now you know all these about android keyloggers. You can then decide if these apps would be any good to you, or whether to pass. However, you have to be mindful when using these keyloggers. If the wrong persons ever gain access to your reports, a lot could go wrong.

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