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    Put All Your Wine Corks To Good Use By Turning Them Into Bungee Ties


    Did you have one too many this weekend? Put all that partying to use by making organizational bungee cords out of your corks.

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    What you need:

    *Bungee cord

    *Cork bottle caps

    *Power drill

    *Table clamp/vise


    Start off by taking your cork bottle caps and making two marks on the cork. Take your cork and safely secure it into you table clamp.

    Using your power drill, drill all the way through into your cork at the two designated markers. Measure out enough bungee cord to wrap around around your item, add an additional two inches for your knots.

    Thread your bungee cord through the holes in your cork bottle caps. Tie a knot at the end of your bungee cord and repeat with the other hole. Give a light tug on your bungee cord to secure it in place.

    To use your bungee cork tie, wrap it around your item and secure the loop of you bungee cord around the cork bottle cap.

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