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This Hanging Garden Will Make You Want To Stop What You're Doing A Take A Trip To The Store

One with nature.

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What you need:

*Branch or Wooden Dowel

*4 to 5 Types of Yarn

*Air Plants

*Air Plant Safe Glue

*Wood Glue


To attach your yarn onto your branch or dowel, take your yarn and fold it in half. Using the loop in the middle of your yarn slip it under your branch, loop the yarn around the branch and through the center loop. This can be done with single pieces of yarn or multiple pieces to create a bundle.

To create the “Braided Vine” attach three different shades of green yarn onto your branch. Make sure all three bundles are separated. To start the braid take the bundle of yarn on the right and place is in-between the other two bundles of yarn. Next take the bundle of yarn on the left and place in in-between the other two bundles. Take the bundle of yarn on the right and place it in-between the two bundles on the left. Repeat the process until you’ve reached the end of your braid. Use another piece of yarn and wrap the base of your braid and tie a knot to seal it.

To create the “Cascading Roots”, attach individual pieces of brown and white yarn to your branch. After attaching the pieces of yarn, as an optional step, using sharp scissors trim the ends of the yarn to create a diagonal cut. Use wood glue to hold the yarn pieces in place.

To create the “Knotted Bark”, take a bundle of mixed colored yarn and attach it on to your branch. Create a loose knot close to the branch followed by another loose know a few inches below it.

Using air plant safe glue, attach your air plants onto your branch and let dry.

Attach another piece of yarn to your branch to hang it onto your wall. Water your air plants according with a spray bottle.

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