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This DIY Cardboard Stool Will Make You Feel Sophisticated AF

Keepin' it cute and simple.

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What you need:

* Heavy Duty Cardboard Moving Box

* Box Cutter


On the longer side of your box find the center of your box and fold it inward. If needed use a ruler to fold it in. Repeat the same fold on the other side of the box.

Stand your box up right with the bottom flaps up right and the top flaps opened. Fold the box inward while pushing in the box in along the middle fold of the box.

Using a box cutter make an incision in the center part of your box along the middle line, with the flaps of the box pressed against the body of the box. You should be cutting into two layers of the box. Cut 1 in (2.5 cm) deep into your box. The cut should have the same thickness as two pieces of cardboard. Repeat this on both sides.

On the two opposite box flaps, create a one inch fold folding inward toward the box. Repeat on both sides of the box.

Fold the flaps with the one inch folds into the center of the box, interlocking it with the one inch cuts in the center of the box.

Secure the flaps in place with tape.

To transform the stool back into a box, carefully remove the tape and fold the box back into it’s intend form. Secure the bottom of the box with tape.

The stool is only meant for sitting and should not be used for standing or supporting other structures. Once the flaps of the box have become over bent, wrinkled or warned out, avoid using the stool. The structural integrity of the cardboard stool may not be able to support your weight.

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