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    Make A Cardboard Box Look Like A Fancy Store-Bought Basket

    For next to nothing.

    What you need:

    · Cardboard box

    · Twine

    · Hot glue

    · Large pillow case


    1. Ensure the bottom of the cardboard box is secure. If necessary, add tape. Push the flaps of the box inside to create and open box.

    2. Starting at the bottom of the box, apply a small amount of hot glue and attach the end of the twine. Carefully add lines of hot glue to box and attach the twine, working upwards. Continue to loop twine around the box until it’s a few inches away from the top.

    3. Cuff a pillowcase halfway down or until you reached the desired size for the lining of your box.

    4. Line the box with the pillowcase, covering the exterior cardboard.

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