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    These Margarita Bubbles Are The Fanciest Way To Get Drunk

    Molecular gastronomy gone wild.

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    Try your hand at molecular gastronomy with these boozy margarita bubbles!



    13 ounces margarita mix

    6 ounces tequila

    5 grams calcium chloride

    Handheld mixer

    Mini muffin silicone mold

    4½ cups water

    5 grams sodium alginate

    Slotted spoon

    Margarita salt

    Fresh lime zest


    # In a large bowl, combine 13 oz of margarita mix and 6 oz tequila.

    # Add 5 grams of calcium chloride to the margarita solution.

    # Mix together with a hand blender to ensure the calcium chloride has completely dissolved.

    # In a mini muffin silicone mold, add 2 tablespoons of the margarita solution in each compartment.

    # Place the silicone mold and solution in a freezer and leave until the mixture is completely frozen.

    # In another large bowl, combine 4 ½ cups of water and 5 grams of sodium alginate.

    # Mix together with a clean hand mixer. One fully combined, set aside for 15 minutes to let the air bubbles escape from the solution.

    # Take the frozen margarita solution and place it in the sodium alginate solution. As the margarita solution melts, a thin layer will form around the margarita mix.

    # With a slotted spoon, constantly mix your solution around to ensure the sphere doesn’t stick to the surface of your bowl.

    # Once the layer has formed around your margarita solution, carefully remove it from the sodium alginate solution and rinse it off in a clean bowl of water.

    # Place the sphere on a spoon and garnish with margarita salt and lime zest.

    # To eat the margarita sphere, place the entire sphere in your mouth and pop it! The membrane is edible and slightly salty.

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