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All Of The Best Parenting Deals At Target’s Cyber Monday Sale

It's time to stock up on all things baby — and maybe a few things for yourself, too.

The stores are decked out, the winter coats are coming out, and you're desperately trying to figure out how to shop for the holidays, keep the kids occupied, AND make a swoon-worthy pie. Luckily, Target's Cyber Monday sale is on and has you covered on at least two of those fronts!

Here's some of the best deals on products for babies, older kids, and YOU:

1. 20% off a portable crib and play yard that will be used OFTEN. With a bassinet included, it makes a great alternative to a traditional bassinet for a newborn, converts to a crib you can travel with, and works for a play yard if you ever need to set the baby down. Until your kiddo transitions to the big kid bed, expect this to be a travel necessity for your family.

2. 61% off a bookcase that includes cubby storage — because you can never have too many books and you can never have too much storage.

A child plays near a bookcase

3. 26% off a ceramic wok (from our Goodful Collection) so you can whip up a delicious stir-fry for your kids, even if all they ever want for dinner is chicken nuggets. Reviewers also love its large capacity which makes it ideal for cooking big family meals.

the wok

4. 30% off a sound machine and night-light combo that connects to your phone for optimal control and years of use. With many different sounds to choose from, adjustable volume and color, an easy-to-use app, and customizable schedules, this light can double as a wake-up light as your child transitions to the big kid bed — saving you from the jarring 5 a.m. two-inches-from-your-face whisper of: "Can I get up yet?" Nothing like making sleep just a bit easier for everyone.

a baby's hand reaching for the illuminated device

5. 20% off a beautiful and comfortable nursery glider that will allow for a serene and peaceful place to feed your baby, but can also be used somewhere else in your home once your baby is older.

A gliding chair in a nursery

6. 20% off a safe, comfortable, waterproof, AND anti-microbial crib mattress that will keep your little one safe in the crib and will last well into toddlerhood. Nothing beats a good night of sleep for everyone.

A parent and child interact with a baby on a crib mattress

7. 25% off a handheld vacuum so you can quickly pick up crumbs under the table or high chair without getting on your hands and knees with the dustbin. Save yourself time, energy, and effort by quickly sucking up crumbs and enjoying the feeling of walking near the table without Cheerios sticking to your feet. Tired of the buildup of Goldfish in the car? Take this vacuum out to the car and enjoy the few hours before the crumbs take over again.

A person uses a handheld vacuum to pick up crumbs

8. 33% off a portable carpet cleaner because one day your kids WILL be struck by a stomach bug and it will be MESSY. This portable cleaner quickly cleans carpets, couches, car interiors, and more. Don't wait to get this because they're not sick yet, get it now for when they 100% will be sick.

A person cleans a rug with a portable deep cleaning vacuum

9. 20% off a baby bouncer that is a newborn-parent's best friend. It stores easily and is a lifesaver for gassy babies who love to bounce. This bouncer is gentle, comfortable, stores easily, and gives you a place off the floor to set a newborn. Sometimes it's just nice to have your hands free.

Child in a bouncer

10. 20% off a small-space-friendly swing that can help soothe your baby without taking up permanent real estate in a corner. Weighing only ten pounds and with a 365-degree rotation, this swing can easily travel to whichever room of the house you're in. Parenting made easier!

Parents interact with a baby in a swing

11. 20% off an adorable baby gym that will keep your baby occupied for tummy time and playtime without making your house look like a colorful plastic circus all the time.

A baby plays with a baby gym

12. 15% off a deep tissue massager because you deserve a little splurge, too. Get rid of all of that stress from the day that settles in your shoulders, the back pain from lifting your kid up 100x a day, or just release the tension that developed from having your name called 16 times in a row without a breath. You deserve a little self-care!

A person uses a handheld massager

13. 56% off a kid-sized chair and nap pad that will give your little one their own special place to sleep and an easy place to lay down for a nap if needed. Furniture for kids can be so fun for them and it might even save your own furniture from a snack stain or two.

14. 20% off a 3-in-1 high chair that will last through all of the different eating stages. It works as an infant recliner to bring your little one to the table before they're old enough to eat, a traditional high chair, and then shrinks down to a toddler chair! Nothing quite like options as your baby's preferences change from one stage to the next.

Child sits in a high chair

15. 51% off a kid-sized table and chairs set to protect your own table from scratches, markers, stamps, and Play-Doh. It also comes with storage underneath for easy, independent access! Kid-sized furniture can also be a great place for homework for school-aged kids or for mealtimes.

A table and chairs set

16. 33% off a single-serve coffee brewer that can be filled with your favorite beans — saving you grinding time and waste when you just need one extra cup to get you through the morning. Still have a favorite coffee pod? No problem! This coffee maker can also brew that one, because balance is everything.

A single serve coffee maker

17. 25% off a 5-in-1 car seat that will last you from the newborn stage through the big kid stage. Forget dropping hundreds of dollars for a different car seat for each stage and get a seat that will last AND keep your kid safe at the same time.

Kids sit in five different settings of a car seat

18. 45% off a potty that will grow with your toddler as they move from potty chair to potty insert. This adorable potty includes handles for stability, a splash guard, and it cleans easily! With the fun addition of lights and sounds, it's time to make potty training much less stressful for you little one.

A pott chair

19. 25% off a set of soft blocks that are perfect for even the youngest of babies. These blocks are safe for gumming on, are delightfully squeezy, and stack well when your baby gets to that stage! Never underestimate just how awesome blocks are and at 26 pieces, this is the ultimate baby starter set.

A baby plays with soft blocks

Time to walk with confidence knowing you did it all AND only had to reheat your coffee a few times in the process. Check out the rest of what's on sale at Target now! Happy shopping!