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What Hair Removal Methods Work?

Most people have some unwanted hair, usually around the chin, upper lip, fingers, legs, back, feet, toes, and cheeks areas.

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Most people have some unwanted hair, usually around the chin, upper lip, fingers, legs, back, feet, toes, and cheeks areas. Unwanted hair can appear due to various reasons like genetics, steroid use or medical conditions. Fortunately, removing unwanted hair is much easier than it ever was. Beauty clinics like Derm Medica offer various options to consider, with the following being the most common at the moment.


This one is quite obvious but what you should know is that it is best for facial hair arms and legs. Ingrown hairs can appear when you shave some parts of the body like the pubic region.

Depilatory Creams

Also known as hair removal creams, these can be bought without prescriptions. Many differences can appear between them and it is really important to read the product label before applying on the body. Some of them are better for specific body parts and there are creams that are going to be really harsh for other areas.


Tweezing or plucking is seen by much as painful but it is a great option when just some hairs have to be removed. For instance, this option is preferred when eyebrows are being reshaped. Never use plucking when you want to remove a lot of hair.

Hot Waxing

This is a good method for home but professionals also offer hot waxing. It is possible that it is painful and messy and that hairs will remain behind. Wax should never be too hot or burns are going to appear. Be sure that hot waxing is not used when taking medication for acne as wax would end up pulling the skin off.


This traditional method from India is offered by different modern salons. Strings are used to twist around hair and pull it out.

Laser Hair Removal

Generally, this is the most recommended hair removal technique, mainly because it offers longer lasting results. A minimum of four treatments are normally needed and the method works just on darker hair. Always be sure you are going to work with a doctor that has a lot of knowledge about how to use lasers for hair removal.


This is a hair removal method that will be done by a trained professional. A small needle that has electric current running through it is placed inside the follicle. Thermolytic and galvanic electrolysis is available at beauty salons.


In the event that the hair removal methods mentioned above are not working, doctors should be contacted. There are various drugs that will inhibit the growth of hair. For instance, spironolactone will reduce or at least slow down hair growth in various body parts. Vaniqa is another example that slows hair growth on facial areas for women.


There are various different hair removal methods that can be used, as can be seen above. However, all have advantages and disadvantages. Be sure that you know as much as possible about them before you are going to start using a method. If professionals are required, do be sure you learn as much as possible about them.

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