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5 Tips For Optimal Muscle Growth

One of the most common complaints that gym goers often have is that they are not seeing results which reflect their efforts at the gym.

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There is a multitude of possible reasons which could be responsible for seeing inadequate growth, but the most common include insufficient nutritional choices, improper exercise routines, and incorrect posture/form. Finally, there is the question of genetic limitations which, unfortunately, can limit your maximum muscularity far below your expectations. The good news is that we have five tips here for you today that might just help you overcome your plateau and enable you to make the gains you have always wanted.

The Right Weight

If you are looking to gain muscle volume, the right weight is the amount of weight that lets you squeeze in no more than 8-12 reps on each set. You should go heavy after a few warm-up sets; during those heavier sets, you should only be able to do 4-6 reps at best. The combination of the two should force your muscles to grow back bigger and stronger. The amount of weight necessary to do this successfully will gradually go up as your body gets used to the current weight.

Regulate Your Rest Period

Depending on the volume and the weight involved, the rest period in-between sets may vary, but it should not exceed a period of 1-2 minutes. However, when you are undertaking fit with particularly heavy weights, you will need to rest longer to make sure that your muscle regains the energy it needs to perform another set of the same.

Compound Exercises are Essential

The compound or multi-joint exercises are the ones that are mostly responsible for increasing strength and muscle volume. Exercises such as deadlifts, squats, bent-over rows, bench presses and overhead lifts should take up a major part of your exercise routine. As they require the maximum amount of energy to perform, be sure to do them first in every session, before moving on to isolation exercises (bicep curls, triceps extensions, side laterals, etc.).

Keep Your Body Guessing

The only way you will keep seeing results is if your body is pushed to do things that it’s not used to doing. What this means is that you need to keep mixing it up so that your nervous system and the skeletal muscles connected to it never get used to a specific pattern of movement. If you are doing high rep and light weights for a while, shift to heavy weights and low reps, or mix them both in a single workout. Try different exercises for the same body part on different days to hit the same group of muscles from various angles.

Follow a Strict Diet and Supplement it as Necessary

Instead of taking generic advice, ask for help from a dietician and get a personalized diet suited to your unique physical condition and goals. Once you have that diet, supplement it adequately with sports nutrition products from Dioxyme. They are a specialty sports nutrition company which focuses on manufacturing just a handful of choice sports supplements that contribute significantly towards enhancing the performance of athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

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Most of the advice that you just read is dynamic in nature, which means that it is adaptable and thus valid for everyone. For example, what the “right weight” is today, will change dramatically a year down the line, but the advice will still be sound. What you may have to do to keep your body guessing will need to keep changing, but the concept will remain viable. Adaptation and discipline are the two keys in bodybuilding, and the five tips above should keep you on the path toward achieving your goals.

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