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The Last Four Ladies in this Seasons The Bachelor Perfectly Encapsulate the Hogwarts Houses

Hear me out.

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If you're anything like me, you've been shamelessly watching this season of The Bachelor with absolute delight


Except for when this happened. This was awful. I wish I'd never seen this, and I'm sorry for exposing you all to this again.

Doubt me? You probably do. So let me prove it through my highly scientific reasearch:

Vanessa: Hufflepuff

ABC, harrypotterwiki

Sweet, beautiful, classy Vanessa. A Hufflepuff through and through, she loves her family, loves her students, and she loves Nick – for some reason. She also seemed to be besties with Danielle M cause they would always be shown cuddling on the couch together, which is insanely adorable. Basically, this woman is all about kindness and loyalty.

Rachel: Ravenclaw

ABC, harrypotterwiki

Rachel is obviously brilliant being an attorney. She's also gorgeous and our tv screens are blessed to have her face appear on them every Monday (that's not a Ravenclaw trait, it's just true.) Nick doesn't choose Rachel since it's already been announced that she'll be the newest bachelorette this year - but she's way too smart to feel bad for herself.. Like she said on her recent interview with Ellen: "it's his loss." Yes, Rachel, it certainly is.

Raven: Gryffindor

ABC, harrypotterwiki

My boo Raven is all about that Gryffindor life. She’s spent most of her life riding ATV’s, frog gigging*, and illegally climbing grain silos to whisper her secrets into – all things I’m too wimpy to ever do (actually that last one sounds kind of fun, I’d do that one). But what I’m saying is that this girl is super brave, you would have to be to experience such a terrible breakup and then be able to put yourself out there on national television. This girl even told the entire world that she’s never had an orgasm, I’m still gasping about it.

*So I looked this up and apparently “frog gigging” is hunting and killing frogs with a spear-like object called a “gig.” The frogs are usually hunted for food, so, real talk, does Raven eat frogs? This is important and I need to know.

Corinne: Slytherin

ABC, harrypotterwiki

C’mon, did you really think Corinne would belong in any house other than Slytherin? This girl is pure ambition. She knows what she wants and she’ll do whatever it takes to get there – especially if it involves nearly banging a dude in a bouncy castle. Slytherins are also known for being loyal to a select few and you know if anyone were to insult this girl's nanny she would claw their eyes out with her perfectly manicured nails and I am 100% here to see that.

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