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Tell Us About A Habit Or Routine That's Made A Positive Impact On Your Life (That's Not Just Exercise)

Some habits can change one's life — and we want to know about yours.

While January is ending, I'm sure some — if not most — of us are still looking for ways to make 2023 a much better year for our mental and physical health.

But rather than focusing on tips like "go to the gym every day" or "delete all your social media," we want to know the small and doable habits that have actually made a difference for you — because chances are, they could make a difference for someone else too.

For instance, maybe you realized last year that "habit-stacking" was the solution you've been looking for because it made you feel more inclined to do something for your mental health without feeling overwhelmed.

Or perhaps you actually don't mind using social media, but completely unfollowed people who made you feel bad about yourself so your feed was more curated with things that made you happy.

Finally, maybe you try to give back at least once a day/week/month, whether that means donating a small amount of money to someone in need or asking loved ones if they need help with anything.

Or maybe you decided to make the habit of being more open to others and it allowed you to feel less cynical. 

Also, how has this tiny habit impacted your everyday life for the better? What would you say to others who might want to try it — any tips or things you wish you'd known sooner?

Whatever it is, feel free to talk habits in the comments below. However, if you prefer to be anonymous, feel free to fill out this Google form here.