If You've Ever Tried To Reduce Your Alcohol Intake (Or Quit It Entirely) Tell Us About It

    Whether it was for health, budget, or family reasons — or just because — it's time to highlight those stories.

    When Dry January rolls around every year, people across the globe choose to participate in the month-long alcohol abstinence campaign.

    a person's hand up stopping from being handed a drink

    But even though January can be the jumping-off point for some sober-curious individuals, others have chosen to give up alcohol entirely for various reasons. So with that in mind, we would love to hear your story if you've ever given up drinking — whether it was for Dry January or entirely — and how it impacted your life.

    For instance, maybe you were never a frequent drinker to begin with — but the few times you did drink, it impacted your digestion or gut health.

    a woman touching her stomach while at the doctor

    Maybe your family has a sensitive history with alcohol, and you decided to never take a drink of alcohol simply for this reason.

    Maybe you did stop drinking alcohol during Dry January because you felt like you were partying too much during the weekends — no judgment; we've all done it! — but then you realized that felt too restrictive for you personally, so now you just drink on special occasions.

    a table at the party with a drink and candle and photo

    Also, whether you've reduced your alcohol intake or stopped it entirely, tell us how it has impacted your life now.

    For instance, has it impacted your relationships or friendships at all, your sleep in a positive way, or simply your view on yourself? Was it easier or more difficult than you thought? What advice would you give someone hoping to make a similar change?

    Whatever the reason, and if you feel comfortable doing so, please tell us why you decided to give up alcohol — whether for the long- or short-term — and how it impacted your life below. However, if you prefer to be anonymous, feel free to share your story with us in the Google form here.