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If You're A Single Dad, What Are Some Misconceptions You're Tired Of Dealing With?

There are a lot of myths and stereotypes that just aren't true.

As a single dad, you may have come across some people making assumptions about you, your children, or how you choose to parent them.

A dad holding his daughter

And even though these falsehoods won't define you being a single father, it's still important to call out the myths. So since Father's Day is around the corner, we would love to know: as a single dad, what are some misconceptions you're tired of dealing with?

For instance, has someone assumed that you do the "bare minimum" for your children when, in fact, you're on the PTA and have been to every sporting event?

A dad helping his daughter learn how to skateboard

Or perhaps some people believe you are just the "fun dad" and don't provide any boundaries or rules for your kids to follow.

Or maybe some people believe that single dads don't "deserve" help when it comes to their kids.

A dad reading a book to his child

Also, what is it about this particular misconception that makes you dislike it? And what do you wish people believed and realized instead?

If you're a single dad and this resonates with you, we would love to know the misconceptions you're tired of dealing with. If you prefer to be anonymous, you can fill out this Google form.