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    "She Knew Exactly What I Needed": 15 Women Revealed The Nicest Thing Another Woman Has Done For Them, And These Are Lovely

    "She made me realize the kind of love I deserved in my life — and it was one of the reasons that made me go no-contact with my toxic family."

    If you've ever been in a difficult situation and had someone help you without you asking, you may fully understand how that can impact someone's life. So when Reddit user u/windismyfavelement asked the r/AskWomen community: "What is the nicest thing another woman has done for you?" it was so lovely to see all the stories that were shared. Here's what they had to say below:

    1. "I had a really rough time as a teenager, and my godmother was the only one who kept me going through the whole thing. She had plans to officially adopt me once I turned 18. We talked about spending our summers getting wine drunk in the country house she was going to buy in the South of France, and she was going to support me in everything I wanted to do. During my lowest points, knowing I could have a future like that was what kept me going. She made me realize the kind of love I deserved in my life and it was one of the reasons that made me stop contact with my toxic family at 18."

    the South of France

    2. "My boyfriend moved across the country, and we tried long distance. We were separate for a few months; it was tough but doable. I planned a trip to see him, and I was going to be there for 10 days. However, on the second day, he told me this long distance thing wasn't working, we should break up, but I could crash on his couch until I figured out what I was going to do. I left and went straight to the airport, but I got to the airport really late. I was trying to hold it together while I was talking to the woman at the desk to change my flight. It was expensive and more then I could spend. And I couldn't hold my tears in anymore. There wasn't really anyone else around, so I was sobbing and telling her what happened. She got me some water and food. She then got me a new ticket home for almost no money, and upgraded me to first class. It was an amazing thing."


    3. "We were two new employees in a mediocre company. We both tried to apply elsewhere, figured out the other did that too, and shared our knowledge and interview experience. We still work together in the new job."

    two women coworkers working with one another

    4. "Years ago when I was in a deep depression and isolated, I was crying to a friend overseas that I had almost nothing to unwrap for Christmas. I knew it was silly and stupid but it made me feel even more alone and unloved. She sent me a parcel of like 10–20 small gifts individually wrapped. I cried."


    5. "One time, I went to work with my son when he was around four years old. He accidentally fell in a bucket of water, and I didn't bring extra clothes for him. This lady, who has a business next to mine and a daughter who was the same age as my son, offered to give me a pair of pants and a sweater. My son spent the rest of the day in the cutest pink set of clothes. She is such a darling."

    a toddler in pink clothes

    6. "When my dad passed away, my dear friend, who lives very far away, called my small town local grocery store that doesn't do electronic orders and arranged for a grocery order to be sent to the place I was staying. This same friend has done countless nice things for me, but this is something I will always remember."


    7. "One of my best friends sat me down during my divorce and laid into me. She was brutally honest and told me her exact thoughts. It snapped me out of the funk I was in and was exactly what I needed. After that, I was golden, I will always be grateful for her friendship."

    a person taking off their ring

    8. "I was heavily pregnant with twins, trudging up the ramp out of a movie one night. A woman tapped my shoulder and asked if she could please tie my shoe. It was so sweet! I almost cried!"


    9. "When I slipped into my first real bout with depression, I lost interest in everything and all I did was work (two jobs) and sleep. One of my friends, who had dealt with bipolar depression, recognized the signs and showed me some tough love. After I left her calls and texts unanswered, she texted me: 'I know it's your day off, and I know you're home. I'm walking over right now. You have 25 minutes to shower, brush your teeth, and get dressed. We're going out for breakfast, and then we're going grocery shopping.' I was miffed at first and considered just not answering my door when she knocked, but after a few minutes, I got in the shower — my first in several days. After spending the morning with her, I felt more hopeful than I had in weeks. She knew exactly what I needed, and at that time, it was some toughness. I'm still so grateful for her at that time of my life."

    a person taking a shower

    10. "My ex-MIL was an absolute gem. She taught me how to drive manual transmission. Sewing has been her long-time hobby, so she'd make me custom blouses and dresses. She was an immense help during wedding planning. She made me a beautiful dress for the rehearsal dinner. She called the hotel the guests stayed at and arranged a discount for everyone. She made the cakes for the wedding. Apart from that, I loved spending time with her from the beginning. Even when the marriage soured, and my ex and I divorced, she was still kind to me. I miss that woman."


    11. I had a coworker help me get a much higher raise at a previous job. It was very helpful and life-changing for me."

    100 dollar bills in someone's hand

    12. "I was on a walk in the evening and some old man started following me. Another woman on her way from work, stopped and asked if I was OK and walked halfway home with me. The man disappeared immediately after she joined, but she kept walking with me."


    13. "I was at a basketball game, it had a huge arena and there was a big crowd. I was looking all cute in my boots and jeans strutting my stuff. I went to the ladies' room and then strutted my cute ass all over that venue to catch up with my friend group. When I got to the turnstiles in the arena itself, this lady came running up behind me. She looked like a running back busting through the crowd. She got to me and said, 'I saw you and had to catch up with you! You have toilet paper stuck to your shoe! That happened to me once, and I swore I would never let it happen to another woman.' YES, I had a nice tail of toilet paper trailing me. Here I thought I was fine as hell and really, I was the town clown. I thanked her, and then she disappeared back into the crowd. What an amazing lady! I always help out my fellow women because of her selfless act."

    toilet paper on shoe

    14. "A few years ago, I was walking through a crowded club for Halloween with two 'friends,' when a random man grabbed me by the arm to try to talk to me as my friends continued to walk off without me. He was persistent in getting my name and number, was really touchy, and at one point, basically started to bear hug me when I tried to push him away. A random woman came up to me and yelled,' Hi girly! How are you? I haven’t seen you in forever!' She pulled me away and hugged me. We pretended to know each other until the man finally left me alone. Once he walked away, she told me, 'He’s gone now.' I thanked her, and we went our separate ways. I think about her every so often. I never even got her name."


    15. "This was a complete stranger, which is why I think it’s the nicest. She didn’t need to help me at all. She got off the bus she needed to be on to help me figure out where I needed to go for a job interview. She saw my panicked look when I realized I missed my stop (I was in a foreign country) and asked me if I needed help. I told her where I was trying to go and she changed buses with me and made sure I got on the right train. I’ll never forget her, because I ended up getting the job!"

    a woman waiting for the bus stop

    Was there ever a time a woman did something incredibly nice for you? If so, tell us what happened in the comments below.