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If You Work A Minimum Wage Job, We Want To Know How You Handle Managing Finances As Everything Is Getting More Expensive

It's important to have realistic conversations about money — no matter what you situation is.

Growing up with a single mother who was a waitress for the majority of my life, I saw how near-impossible (or honestly impossible) it was to budget or save money when someone has a minimum-wage job.

a waitress pouring coffee in a diner

So, instead of going to the experts, I thought it would be more helpful to connect with the BuzzFeed community to hear real-life stories from people who current have minimum wage jobs, how they're trying to save money (or just stay afloat), the tips that helped them and why — or maybe even why saving is not an option right now and why.

a person looking over finances

For instance, maybe you are able to some save money, but it's only because you don't have any kids and because — after years of paying it off — you don't currently have debt.

a person putting a coin in a piggy bank

Or perhaps saving money is not an option right now because a family member needs help, your rent is taking over your paycheck, or you simply haven't been able to for whatever reason.

a person looking at a bill

Or finally, maybe saving money is an option, but it requires having a very strict budget, being strategic with income tax refunds (if you receive any), being on food stamps (SNAP), having two or more jobs, and/or living with a partner or roommate who helps split the bills.

A person looking over a grocery receipt

Also, what is your relationship with money currently? Did growing up a certain way help determine this or something else? How is this situation currently affecting your mental health, if at all?

a person on their phone with their debit card

Whatever the situation, tip, or piece of advice may be, if you feel comfortable doing so, please share your story with us below. However, if you prefer to stay anonymous, feel free to share by filling out this Google form here.