"I'm A Guy, And This Annoys Me": Men And Women Are Sharing The Creepy Things Men Often Do, And As A Woman, I Agree With Several

    "They always defend it, too."

    I think we can all agree that there are a few things some men do that simply make women incredibly uncomfortable — even when the men believe they're doing nothing wrong. So when Reddit user u/coinkeeper8 asked, "What’s something men do that comes across as creepy?" a lot of women (and men!) came forward with their responses. Here's what they had to say below:

    1. "They sit next to you when you're the only two people in a place with many, many seats."

    a man looking at a woman

    2. "Hey, where do you work? Oh, which one? Yeah, there's like six of them. Which one do you work at? No, I won't show up at your work. Lol. Hahaha. Hey... Hey... Hey... Did you block me? What did I do wrong?"


    3. "They stand an inch away from you when you're in a line."

    a man standing behind a woman

    4. "Speaking as a 5'2" (1.57) woman, guys you barely know or even total strangers lifting you up off the ground to hug you."


    "Or when they constantly make comments about how light you look/small/short you are. 'I can toss you around I bet.' Ewww."


    5. "I’m a guy but a semi-frequent bar patron. Whenever guys ask bartenders what time they get off that they’ve had little to no interaction with is incredibly creepy. It gives off 'I’ll be waiting for you in the parking lot' vibes."

    6. "When I was 19, I was a phone girl at a local pizza place. I would answer the phone and take people’s orders for carryout or delivery. One time, this guy called and said he was placing an order for delivery. By the end of the order, he changed his mind and said he wanted to order carry-out. The dude showed up and my coworker helped him and he said, 'You’re not the girl I talked to on the phone. I want to talk to that girl.' I realized he was talking about me, and I asked what was wrong. He then told me he thought I had a really soothing voice and should do ASMR. I was like OK that’s weird but relatively harmless."

    a pizza sign

    7. "Touch my waist to move by me. I'll drop-kick you. There is no reason for it, and it makes me irate every single time."


    "They always defend it as being non-sexual too. I'll accept that justification when they ever start doing it to men."


    8. "Ask you out while you are at work or in a situation in which you cannot leave."

    a waitress leaning

    9. "Not backing off when a woman indicates in any way whatsoever verbally or physically she isn’t interested, yet they continue or think they can continue to harass you or change your mind."


    "I genuinely have zero ideas how there are guys out there with this much confidence. If I make anything that could even be considered as a move, and I get rejected, then I am getting as far away from that situation as I possibly can immediately and cringing about it in the shower/morning commute for years to come."


    10. "Telling you to smile."

    a woman not smiling on the street

    11. "Me: 'I'm married.' Shows ring. Random guy: 'I don't believe you. They all say that.' Then it just gets creepy because no matter what you say, they just don't believe anything and keep pressing you to leave with them. That hyper-aggressiveness is creepy."


    "I had a guy respond to 'I'm married' with 'Oh, yeah? Where's your husband then?' As if married women are chaperoned by their husbands on every errand."


    12. "Talk to me (a male) about how much they disrespect women like I'm 'in on it,' especially if I've never met the guy."

    two men talking

    13. "Unsolicited dick pics. Like y’all be airdropping them. I had a guy tell me that women appreciate it because they want to know what they’re working with. Nobody is going to work that shit if that’s your opening."


    14. "When men ask, 'Where's my hug?'"

    a man hugging another person

    15. "I (31, F) was walking up the stairs at a train station carrying a large suitcase the other day. A guy wanted to help and just took my suitcase from me without asking. I had to tell him three times I was OK and didn’t need his help. The suitcase wasn’t particularly heavy, just big. Don’t just grab other people’s stuff without asking! I know he just wanted to help but still!"

    person with a large suitcase

    16. "Asking if I live alone. I just find this question so creepy and intrusive. I can’t imagine they'd asked another male this question."


    17. "Call women they don’t know by terms of endearment."

    a man touching a woman's shoulder

    Is there a particular thing that men do that you believe comes off as creepy? If so, tell us what it is in the comments below: