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    "It's The Biggest Turn-Off I've Ever Seen": People Are Sharing Avoidable Mistakes Men Often Make With Women

    "It's the biggest turn-off I've ever seen."

    While dating can come with plenty of trial and error, sometimes a specific gender can make a mistake more often than they realize. So when Reddit user Caseated_Omentum asked: "What is the most common and easily avoidable mistake guys make with women?" people had a lot of thoughts. Here's what they had to say below:

    Insistent man trying to get sex and his worried girlfriend denying on a couch in the night at home

    1. "Applying your previous relationships to your new relationships. For example, I took it to heart when an ex called me clingy. It led me to try and 'play it cool' in relationships after, where big romantic gestures would have been appreciated — that I would have loved to have done! — but didn't because I thought it would make me look clingy."


    2. "The number of women who think I'm a good listener just because I ask follow up questions is too damn high."

    two people on a date

    3. "Continuing to pursue uninterested women, often by becoming a 'friend' of the woman who is always hoping to date her, rather than cutting their losses, and moving on, and finding someone who is interested. I've seen a guy follow this pattern for close to 20 years."


    4. "Start off with sexual comments off the bat."

    a man looking scared at a man

    5. "Saying yes to everything; same with women. I feel like at the beginning of the relationship, everyone kinda hides who they are and say yes to everything. I'm all for trying new things, but don't lie or be fake about it. Also: take initiative, decide things, plan things, have an opinion. Relationships are built on communication and compromise; it's important to lead things off right. Be open and authentic. People can feel good and honest vibes."


    6. "Don't talk only about yourself."

    a woman eye roll at man during movie

    7. "Lack of situational awareness. It doesn't matter if you're Brad Pitt or the next Jesus himself, if you harass me for a date when I'm trying to work, it's gonna be a no. If you follow me into the gas station and then camp next to my car so I can't leave — it's gonna be a no. These aggressive displays of dominance are the biggest turn off I've ever seen."


    8. "Generic gifts. Gifts are best when they are thoughtful, but not every woman likes jewelry or roses just because it’s the go-to. Don’t waste your money on things that aren’t memorable."

    a bouquet of flowers

    9. "Thinking all women are a monolith and not treating them as unique people."


    "Any statement beginning with,

    'Ha, I'll bet you--' OR

    'Ha, you probably--' OR

    'Ha, lemme guess--' absolutely going to be a douchey half-baked generalization about women."


    10. "Sending a dick pic. Nobody wants to get a dick pic."

    a woman looking at her phone in shock

    11. "Thinking she owes you a sexual favor because you did something positive."


    12. "Taking them for granted, especially if you’ve been in a steady relationship for a long time."

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    13. "Assuming we will be your fuck buddy AND replacement mommy. Nothing less appealing than a grown man acting like a helpless toddler and demanding we pick up where mommy left off."


    14. "Treating it as if you have to prove something to her. You need to also see if she’s someone you’re compatible with. It's a two-way street."

    a guy with a bunch of 1st place ribbons on him

    15. "Trying to look like you have plenty of options. Bragging to me about other women being into you is just gross and does not make us magically more attracted to you at all. I don’t want to compete for your attention just like I’m sure you don’t want to worry about all the people I could have either."


    Do you believe there is another common mistake men make when it comes to women? If so, tell us what it is and why in the comments below: