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People Who Have Called Out Their Boss Or Manager, Tell Us What Happened And How Everything Played Out

It's not easy being a manager — but some make decisions that negatively affect the whole team.

One of the main reasons why a job can become toxic is because of your manager.

While not all managers are bad and some look after your well-being and career growth, others can be self-serving or lack empathy, which can cause them to make decisions that can negatively impact others and their team.

And even though it's important to be understanding that everyone is trying their best at their job with what they know (because we don't know exactly what everyone is going through, after all), it's also important to stand up for yourself and call out your manager if you see they're acting poorly and need to improve.

So, with that in mind, when was a time you had to confront and talk to your boss about their bad behavior — and how did they respond?

For example, did you and your team have to stand up to your boss because they dead-named a team member more than once?

Or did a manager make fun of another co-worker behind their back to you during a meeting and it was completely unprofessional — so you told them that right then and there.

Jim with his eyes wide in "The Office"

Perhaps a supervisor kept staying in their office doing absolutely nothing when the restaurant or hotel was busy with guests and the team was drowning.

Also, after when you talked to them about their "bad behavior," how did your manager respond? Did they take it well and implement changes immediately — or did they react poorly and threaten you?

Plus, how did you feel when you talked with them? Also, was this their "first offense" or did they always act this way, and a particular situation broke the camel's back?

Whatever the situation may be, let us know when you (or your team) had to confront your boss about their wrongdoings and how they responded below. If you'd prefer to stay anonymous, you can fill out this Google form instead.