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    "I Find It Incredibly Irritating": Millennials And Gen Z'ers Are Revealing Their Most "I'm With The Boomers On This" Opinions

    "Maybe it's because I grew up with that rule, but I know when I'm getting lunch with a friend or something, I just find it incredibly irritating when they're on their phone."

    While some younger generations might not always agree with the way older generations do things, as they get older, they sometimes reminisce about how things used to be and work when they were younger (cue in: the simplicity of technology or the way they choose to engage in everyday activities like going out to eat or watching TV).

    So when Reddit user u/BobithanTG asked the r/AskReddit community, "What's your most 'I'm with the boomers on this' opinion?" I had to share some of their very relatable beliefs. Read what they had to say below.

    1. "I’m not downloading an entire app to use your menu."

    A person using an app at a restaurant outdoors

    2. "TV is getting too dark. Not emotionally — it is visually too dark and I can’t see it."

    A couple watching TV inside their home

    3. "I literally just talked a friend out of getting a 'smart' automatic litter box with an app. The price difference was $300 more than just a 'regular' automatic scooping box, and you get what? Notifications that your cat just took a shit?"

    A cat walking out of a litter box

    4. "I don’t need a subscription for everything. No, you don’t need my phone number or email! Just let me buy my shirt and get out of the store."

    A person looking at an iPad

    5. "Having to create a username and password to join just about anything online is a royal pain."

    A woman putting a password in her phone

    6. "Sometimes it's faster (and easier) to just plug something in instead of dealing with Bluetooth connectivity. There's something nice about knowing how to get it connected and being able to physically connect/disconnect."

    A plug in the wall

    7. "Music in bars is too loud."

    A couple at a music venue

    8. "Screw fast fashion, my clothes should be made to last. I’m not rich so it’s unavoidable, but I’m willing to spend extra on clothes that aren’t made of plastic, and I do my best to repair my damaged clothing instead of throwing it out."

    A pile of clothes and shoes on the floor

    9. "I don’t really know if this is a boomer opinion per se, but you don’t need to document everything you do and post it to your social media. Sometimes it’s better just to live in the moment and enjoy what’s happening around you."

    A person looking at their phone while walking outside

    10. "Standard headlights on new automobiles are too bright. Literally being blinded by every other car DURING THE DAYTIME, wondering if their brights are on."

    Cars driving down the road in the dark with their lights on

    11. "Things aren’t made the way they used to be. Everything you buy now is so cheaply manufactured. Even high-end furniture uses cheap particleboard and crappy joinery. We bought a pretty high-end couch a few years back, and it’s barely holding together."

    A person putting together furniture for their home

    12. "When you’re in a public place, you should respect others around you by not being disruptive with your behavior. For example, not playing music on your phone without headphones while on a bus, in a restaurant, etc."

    A woman standing in a train car looking on her phone with headphones on

    13. "Basic home appliances (e.g., fridge, washer-dryer) do NOT need a touchscreen."

    A man using a touchscreen fridge

    14. "You should really put your phone down when you're out to eat with people. Maybe it's because I grew up with that rule, but I know when I'm getting lunch with a friend or something, I find it incredibly irritating when they're on their phone."

    Friends at an outdoor table eating and talking

    15. "I want a human customer service operator, not an automated operator or chatbot."

    Two women working on the phone in customer service

    16. "I like physically owning the movies you love. I have friends who love the movie and watch it on Netflix whenever they can, and then Netflix removes it. And if it's a rare find, then you might never see it again. Owning a physical copy means you get to keep it and cherish it forever."

    A person putting a DVD into a DVD player

    17. "I agree that sometimes at work, you need to pick up the phone because it's easier than sending text messages back and forth."

    A man talking on the phone while working on a laptop

    18. "Stop filming everything at concerts or shows or whatever. Enjoy it."

    People holding up their phones and filming at a concert

    Do you have an opinion that you believe a boomer would agree with? If so, tell us what it is in the comments below.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.