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We Want To Know Which Book You Wish You Could Read Again For The Very First Time

That book you keep re-reading over and over again? We want to know more about it.

Have you ever finished a book and wished you could "experience" it for the first time all over again because it was just that good?

If this has ever happened to you, we would love to know: Which exact book do you wish you could re-read for the first time?

Jack Black opening a book that emits light in front of his face

Maybe, rather, it's a non-fiction book, where the author wrote in great detail about their relationship with their mother, and it moves you to tears every time you read it.

Or perhaps it's a fictional book that made you want to live inside its world, like the Lord of the Ring series. Or maybe you fell in love with the fictional characters so much that you wish they were real and could become your friends.

Maybe it's a psychology-like book that made you realize how your toxic family impacted your mental health.

If you can instantly think of a book, tell us below which one it is and why it resonates with you so much that you wish you could read it like it's the very first time. However, if you prefer to stay anonymous, you can fill out this Google form instead.