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10 Things You May Have Missed This Election

Hey there residents, here's a list of what you might have missed this presidential election both nationally and in the Barnard community. Kindly note there still are many ways to become civically engaged and politically aware, hope this helps!

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2. The Appointment of Myron Ebell

Myron Ebell, who is the chairman of the Cooler Heads Coalition, a group "focused on dispelling the myths of global warming by exposing flawed economic, scientific, and risk analysis" was appointed as the advisor to the EPA. Basically, a climate denier is running the EPA.

3. Women of Color Elected into Congress!

While the 2016 presidential election may yield a vaguely Republican president, Donald Trump, the election has also produced several exciting new female senators who are breaking barriers no matter who our next president is. These women represent multiple underrepresented minorities in the American government: Illinois' Tammy Duckworth is a double amputee; Nevada's Catherine Cortez Masto is the first Latina woman ever to be elected to the Senate; Kamala Harris of California is only the second black woman to win a Senate seat in American history; and Pramila Jayapal is the first Indian American woman to be elected to the House of Representatives.

4. Kate Mckinnon Never Missed A Beat!

Throughout several episodes during in this election season, Saturday Night Live cast member Kate McKinnon played Hillary Clinton in a series of funny sketches and parodies. After the election results came in, SNL started off their episode with a moving cold open, in which Kate McKinnon performed Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Watch the incredible clip here:

7. 2nd Post-Election Town Hall

Diana Event Oval on Wednesday, November 16th at 6pm. The panel will be discussing immigration, race, gender and ethnicity in the current climate in our nation. Dean Natalie Friedman (Dean of Studies), Prof Kim Johnson (Political Science), Prof. Jose Moya (History) and Dr. Mayowa Obasaju (Sr. Psychologist) have graciously agreed to open the discussion with a panel presentation. Please join us for this important conversation.

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