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7 Items Every Hello Kitty Lover Needs In Their Life

If you're a Hello Kitty lover like myself, you've come to the right place. Here are some items every lover needs in their life!

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1. Hello Kitty Kitchen Appliances- What better way to reheat your leftovers than with a Hello Kitty microwave?

2. Hello Kitty Plush Dolls- Big or small, but always in different outfits.

3. Hello Kitty Cosmetics- Nail polish, lipsticks, and other makeup! You name it, I promise it's out there.

Celindy Kellum / Via

4. Hello Kitty Cups & Mugs- For all you coffee and tea lovers.

Geek Alerts / Via

5. Hello Kitty Phone Case- Carry your phone in kitty style.

Hawaii Kawaii / Via

6. Hello Kitty Clothing- Every lover needs at least a pair of HK pj's!

7. Hello Kitty Car Decor- Make it a Kitty-Mobile with car decals and floor mats!

Just think, these are only 7 of millions of items! Embrace your love and keep collecting!

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