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11 Extremely Emotional Moments That Will Make Soccer Fans Out Of All Of Us

What a beautiful, beautiful game.

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1. That time a young Syrian refugee and his family got to sit the stands to watch a soccer game for the first time:

Santos FC

In September 2015, the Santos football team in Brazil hosted a visit from 100 Syrian refugees, including 9-year-old Malek (link in Portuguese, but the pics are pretty darling all on their own tbh).

2. That time Messi's biggest fan got to upgrade his fave jersey:

Hamayon Ahmadi/Facebook, UNICEF/Facebook / Via Facebook: afghanistanunicef

Young Murtaza Ahmadi, known in his village as Lionel Messi's number one fan, liked to play soccer with his friends while wearing a Messi jersey of his own making. A photo of the jersey went viral and made its way to the Argentinian superstar himself, who then gave the kid a new — and autographed — jersey to call his own.

3. And that time when a young Brazilian soccer fan won us over with his homemade jersey, too...

Twelve-year-old Jonathan Denner couldn't afford to buy a jersey, so he made his own in order to show his support for the Cruzeiro team and went viral (link in Portuguese).


4. That time that the soccer team in Recife, Brazil, launched a campaign promoting the adoption of older children and teens:

5. That time in the 2016 South American Football Championship when James Marcelin scored Haiti's first goal against Brazil, making him a national hero — especially poignant since he had been a survivor of the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Hector Retamal / AFP / Getty Images

Even though Haiti ended up losing the game 7 to 1, Marcelin's goal became an incredible source of inspiration (link in Portuguese), especially for the kids in his home country.

6. That time this young Portuguese fan showed sportsmanship toward a French fan after the 2016 Euro Cup.

Facebook: video.php

Portugal had defeated France 1-0, but omg, this little buddy was the real MVP.

7. That time when a fan of the Aimoré Sports Club in Brazil wrote in to ask for a jersey, and added that he didn't mind if it was stained or torn:

Facebook: video.php

The team's uniform manager was moved by the letter and set up a meeting with who he thought would be a little boy — but instead, the letter writer turned out to simply be a 33-year-old super fan.


8. That time at the 2014 World Cup, when Serey Dié, a midfielder for the Ivory Coast national team, was moved to tears by his country's national anthem.

Adrian Dennis / AFP / Getty Images

Later in an interview, Dié explained that he never thought he'd play for his country — and had also been thinking of his father, who died ten years beforehand.

10. That time this fan gave his extra ticket to a man collecting cans outside the stadium, and invited him inside to watch a match for the first time:

Facebook: video.php

Honestly, soccer fandom >>>

What magical moments of soccer did we miss? Leave your faves in the comments below!

This post was translated from Portuguese.