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    19 Cell Phones We All Had In The 2000s

    Here's the the return of flip phones, ostentatious design, and blinding colors.

    1. After Apple announced the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X, some people noticed that cell phones nowadays all look alike. Where's the cheekiness and happiness of the Nokia N-Gage, for example?

    2. And the LG Vx9900 which, aside from the futuristic name, was a cross between a cell phone and a tiny laptop?

    3. Are you gonna tell me that it wasn't a dream to type your messages on the colorful (and retractable) keyboard of the LG GT360?

    4. Despite looking like a device for taking blood pressure, the Nokia 7600 had an insanely innovative and sassy design.

    5. And only someone who experienced it knows how ultra-chic it was to flip your phone open to answer it, even more so if it was all curvy and transparent, like the Motorola A1200.

    6. Young people today could never understand the peculiar flip on the Motorola V70.

    7. Take a good look at everything the Motorola EM28 has to offer: the colors, the shape, the screen... really makes you long for simpler times, doesn't it?

    8. And then some cutting-edge concepts for flip phones started to emerge, like the Motorola Zn200. You had to be next level to get one of these bad boys:

    9. And nothing will ever beat the Motorola Razr V3, a true trend-setter, and a classic phone.

    10. The Motorola U9 Jewel was dazzling, bright, and futuristic. Why don't more of today's devices look like this?

    11. The Sony Ericsson Yendo was like the precursor to a lot of modern smartphones, but it was all curvy and beautiful and came in several different colors.

    12. But Sony Ericsson outdid themselves when they made their neon orange W580 with its unique "J" shape.

    13. I'll never understand why the Sony Ericsson W810 had that little handlebar on top, but it doesn't matter. Even if it didn't do anything, it was pure style.

    14. And the classic Nokia 5200 was small, brilliant, and synonymous with status.

    15. There are still tons of people who, to this day, miss the BlackBerry and it's full QWERTY keyboard.

    16. The Nokia N95 deserves a special mention, since it included an actual, fully functional digital camera.

    17. Whe Nokia N90 was pretty nutty, but boy was it fun to take pictures with.

    18. And the stunning Sony Ericsson W380 was a lot of people's dream phones for a while in the '00s.

    19. But the true classic of the cell phone golden age was the Motorola C115. It looks primitive by today's standards, but it was perfectly designed to fit in any pocket, and it was an incredible piece of technology at the time. Miss you, C115.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.