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    This Little Kid Got Stuck In A Couch, And I'm Sorry But Is It Bad I'm Crying From Laughing?

    Kids get stuck in the darnest things.

    Meet Davi: he is six years old and lives in Brazil.

    Arquivo Pessoal / Caroline D'Alessandro

    Like every other kid his age, Davi can get into a lil bit of mischief now and then. And most recently, said mischief entailed...getting stuck in a couch!

    Facebook: vodcablood

    I mean, who amongst us hasn't done something like this?

    BuzzFeed Brazil spoke with his mother Caroline and his aunt Giulia, who documented the pretty hilarious results of Davi's latest escapade with photos and video on Facebook. Apparently, Davi got himself stuck in the couch because he'd been looking for a coin.

    Giulia Ramalho / Via Facebook: vodcablood

    "I was in the bathroom and I heard some really loud screaming, and my mom called for me, laughing her ass off. When I came into the room, you could just see his head poking out," Giulia said in an interview.

    The family says that Davi was actually somewhat panic-stricken at first, but soon started laughing when he saw that everyone else was laughing.

    Giulia Ramalho / Via Facebook: vodcablood

    'Cause like...I mean, are you SEEING these pics?? πŸ˜‚

    Luckily, Mom was able to come to Davi's rescue...

    Giulia Ramalho / Via Facebook: vodcablood

    And it while rescue efforts did get pretty dramatic, Davi was able to get out of the couch safe and sound.

    Arquivo Pessoal / Giulia Ramalho

    All's well that ends well!

    Oh, and in case you were wondering, Davi did manage to find the coin while he was at it.

    Arquivo Pessoal / Giulia Ramalho

    Here's the full video documenting Davi's rescue:

    In summary: don't underestimate your couch-diving skills, kids.

    But if you do, make sure someone's got a camera at the ready... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    This post was translated from Portuguese.