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Ternio – Here to change the whole digital advertising game!

change the whole digital advertising game!

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What is it?

Ternio, a blockchain based utility token was built with a motive to transform the digital advertising market. The name itself stands for ‘A series of three’, representing all the 3 aspects of the digital advertising platform: the user, publisher and advertiser.

Ternio has been able to achieve incredibly high transactions rates which is a basic requirement for programmatic digital advertising with the utilization of blockchain technology and a series of mechanisms. With a single lightweight blockchain system they have achieved, speed, scaling, transparency, payments, invoicing, fraud prevention, programmatic advertising and the availability of advertisers without the intervention of the third party.

Reasons why Ternio stands out:

•Resolved the blockchain scalability issue.

•First to offer a blockchain solution for all programmatic digital ad protocols.

•Guarantees Net0 payments for all parts of the ad supply chain.

•Has an agreement to work with atleast one ad technology company immediately after the completion of the Initial Coin Offering.

•Has multiple fraud prevention mechanisms inbuilt in the blockchain technology.

Why you should opt Ternio:

•Payment is guaranteed for every transaction.

•Instant Payment on impression delivery.

•Bridging the gap between the advertisers and publishers via Ternio Advertising Exchange.

•Banking fess is not charged for receiving payments.

David Berkowitz, Chief Strategy Officer at Sysomos says,

“Blockchain may have a bigger impact than anything marketers have encountered since the advent of the internet.”

Ternio will be the first blockchain solution in the marketplace and integrate with a wide variety of advertising protocols so that the programmatic digital advertising works seamlessly.

Ternio blockchain is designed in a way that it allows everyone within the supply chain to receive and make payments immediately. And to ensure that it happens, advertisers and ad technology companies have to prepay TERN which will be registered as credit in their accounts. Since, the market holds TERN to value and the transparency of ledgers hold both the accountable, publishers will be convinced that their payment is guaranteed.

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