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10 Celebrities Living Their Best Lives

Everyone's trying to live their best lives, but these celebrities clearly already are. If you want the chance to live your best life with them, enter the Random Acts of Fusion Celebrity Life Contest and you could be flown out to LA and live among the rich and famous for a weekend!

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1. Mike Tyson

The Ring Magazine / Getty Images

A few years back, Mike Tyson made it very public that he thinks tigers are super sweet: he went out and bought a pair of 'em for a cool $140,000. Not only that, but maintaining THEIR best lives costs him another $4000 a month. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to live like you wanna live.

2. Daniel Radcliffe

George Pimentel / WireImage / Getty Images

It might be hard for you to get out of the bed in the morning, but can you imagine if you were sleeping on a $17,000 mattress? A couple years back, Daniel Radcliffe decided to sleep BETTER than a princess and picked up a custom-designed "Savoir" mattress (like the one above, but with diamonds on it, surely) for what most people pay for a new car. But, it's okay. He's a wizard.

3. Donald Trump

Rob Kim / FilmMagic / Getty Images

After purchasing Paul Allen's Boeing 757 for a few mil, The Donald then proceeded to drop dozens more millions on that bad boy—ultimately at a price tag of $100 million. Why? Because he needed gold-encrusted selt belts, gold-plated faucets, and Rolls Royce engines, obviously. How else is he supposed to make important business deals?

4. Kim Basinger

Jeffrey Mayer / WireImage / Getty Images

Ever found your interest particularly piqued by a well-done ad? Well, back in 1989, Kim Basinger was caught in traffic in Georgia and spotted a roadside sign advertising the sale of "Braseltown." She bought it for a cool $20 million, with ambitious plans to turn it into a resort. None of that worked out, but hey, if you can buy yourself a town, you might as well.

5. Victoria Beckham

Nick Harvey / WireImage / Getty Images

When your stage name literally had "Posh" in it, you kinda have a certain lifestyle to uphold. Fortunately, Victoria Beckham gets it. That's why she commissioned Stuart Hughes to throw together a $35,400, 24 carat gold-plated case for her precious iPhone 4. Because how else is anyone going to know what kind of phone she has?

6. Gilbert Arenas

Joe Murphy / Getty Images

Few of us would deny that this was a smart purchase: a $60,000 miniature train set. Well, at least our childhood selves. Guess the three-time NBA All-Star wanted to own the coolest ride in town—even if he might not be able to physically fit IN it.

7. Rachel Hunter

Gregg Deguire / Getty Images

Obviously, when you were formerly Rod Stewart's wife and also a supermodel, your dogs deserve way better than the very best. That's why Rachel Hunter had a $15,000 dog house built for her pooches. The style? Mediterranean. Obviously.

8. Suri Cruise

James Devaney / WireImage / Getty Images

Although Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes may no longer have a "dream marriage," their daughter definitely has her dream house—at least for a three-year-old. Last summer, construction began on a $100,000 treehouse for Suri, reportedly a "McMansion amidst the tree tops." Among probably much more absurd things, the house features running water, electricity, and shag carpeting. So, it's easy to assume it's nicer than most of our ADULT houses.

9. Beyonce

Lester Cohen / Getty Images

Beyonce is a music and style icon, and if you're going to live your best life as one of each, you have to do it in the best, most important way: by sporting $100,000 gold-plated leggings. Of course, the most impressive part here is that she managed to rock better dance moves than most of us could even imagine, while probably shedding chunks of gold all over the stage.

10. Steven Spielberg

Dominique Charriau / WireImage / Getty Images

After you reach a certain amount of wealth, happiness becomes harder and harder to define. In 1982, though, that definition for Steven Spielberg was one that included owning the infamous "Rosebud" sled from the classic Citizen Kane—and he only had to spend $60,000 to do it! Since then it's hung above his desk, in order to "remind [him] that quality in movies comes first." Although perhaps he's updated that definition since the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Probably.

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