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BC Politics - BC Election 2017 ... What Are The Real Issues?

From how I will explain this, is how it appears to me. Have a read.

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BC Politic: Election 2017 ... What Are The Real Issues?

Politician's Don't Fix Economies- Ever!

First Published on April 3, 2017 on Linked: Pulse by Randeep Dosanjh

Let's use the BC Liberals and NDP Parties as the examples.

You might have read the story at this link: ... if not read it now, coming from ex BC Liberal Party MLA and former Minister in BC Government...

This Paper is a Live Edit - Completed at this point. Thank You for your interest.)

This is Whole Paper on How I see things...

If anyone should know the BC Liberal Party and the reasons why transportation options are not available, it's got be Iain Black. After all his road to being picked as the CEO and President of the Vancouver Board of Trade seems to have been while working as a Minister and MLA under Christy Clark as a BC Liberal.

"I don't like politicians trying to explain the lack infrastructure, after they cut back on that spending for many years ,until it was election time."

Look, there's many ways to get to the same spot. The BC Liberal Party, could have made incremental steps and still reported surpluses but they didn't.

So now after choking everyone for years on end since their inception, the BC Liberal Party is going spend the money now - After Paying themselves first? Seems so no?

There's a quote by Ronald Reagan which defines how government operates:

"When a business or an individual spends more than it makes, it goes bankrupt. When government does it, it sends you the bill. And when government does it for 40 years, the bill comes in two ways: higher taxes and inflation. Make no mistake about it, inflation is a tax and not by accident."

How do Politicians Make Money?

Not just from a salary

On the LEFT

•They raise taxes and pay themselves

•They create people to develop co operative living, social programs, environment programs etc

•those people skim earnings, skim funding contributions and tax dollars

•Then those people pay for the projects ...

•and pay the political party ...

•and pay some Party members and Party politicians...

•and pay themselves

•All, with Great Accounting

On the RIGHT

•They cut back on taxes in different areas and then have you pay for the same things out of your pocket

•They then skim those earnings, plus any money from surpluses and funding contributions

•Sell public infrastructure owned by tax payers

•They create people to develop co operative living, social programs, environment programs etc

•those people skim earnings, skim funding contributions and tax dollars

•Then those people pay for the projects ...

•and pay the political party ...

•and pay some Party members and Party politicians...

• and pay themselves

•All, with Great Accounting

And In Addition All the People get Salaries at the expense of tax payers.

Question: How do Politicians Fix Economies?

Answer: They Don't.

Because of Politicians...

We have had the gap between salary/wages & consumer power widen so much that it does not allow most people to buy homes and raise families. It seems to me that it is rich people's kids who look like hero's but are far from Zero-to-Hero. Government and free market people in power, got together then did all this. The BC Liberal Party is giving money from supporters and politicians who killed opportunities, killed investor power of Canadians and most of all, they killed consumer power by doing things like not clamping down on unregulated, now saturated sectors of business like, 3rd Party Recruitment for people looking for jobs all the way to allowing unregulated real estate. Then they give each other those stupid business achievement awards to their followers and pay themselves with your tax dollars which should go towards health care, transportation, education and other areas. Why? To support the insanity given to them as an occupation.

This is why, things cost so bloody much - Reagan says government debt causes inflation, which it does AND So Does Being Late On investing in infrastructure and other things under the Government Umbrella of Responsibilities. The catch is, if you ignore them long enough, people suffer financially which domino's to their personal lives. This because it Cost More to do things you should maintain regularly than ignoring them to do for later. That applies with any set of revenue streams in existence or the depletion there of.

It's people who have been pampered and given jobs with decision making power, then when it's too late, instead of fixing problems before or during the downturns, they say "we told you so but it was 'somebody Else's' fault" instead of taking responsibility. Oh and guess what? It is then, when they say to us, "... and we're Really, Really Sorry".

How is the free market ever going to be strong enough to represent itself

... and it's cohorts if, the people in charge are pampered, popular and lifted into politics and business instead of starting in advocating roles and speaking their minds or establishing themselves from actually feeling the heat of struggle to get there?

The Above mentioned, doesn't happen, in my opinion because, they flood the free market with public employees and politicians from hand picking dummies they can control to take the heat of failure, knowing it is going to happen.

On how Politics works in BC:

BC Liberal Party could have made less drastic cuts and spent money in increments but waited until British Columbian's were "Hollow and Naked" before using tax dollars and I'm guessing paid themselves from public funds after years of cut backs. The NDP died and tried to comeback as the Green Party? Last time they had great ideas and were shutdown because they spent the money on Citizens of BC then I'm guessing also paid themselves. The Other Parties pick their angles but forgot about the economy.

Think about it ...

For a government to have great Credit Ratings to Leverage Money, IT Does NOT Need Surplus's! The Government Needs To Pay For Leveraged Goods On Time & on Schedule to have a Great Credit Rating to Leverage Money.A government does not need all the funds for a project, if it broke down payments. Projects already, nearly always, go over the initial price anyway. That has Never Changed. Debt can be maintained without effecting credit nor effecting the accessibility of money providing the government has revenue streams to make payments on time. You can cut back and have surpluses after choking the hell out of people OR the government can create revenue streams to for leveraged money on time and on schedule with an lender. Politicians & their followers COULDN'T Think That Far since Preston Manning started shooting his face off like a retard with turrets, hyping up a bunch of self-defeated, degenerate retards who hide behind Christianity as a means to spew racism and other garbage when, Christians are NOT Racist, nor bigots, usually kind inclusive, inter-faith loving people has changed the view many Canadians of different cultures have of each other.

On Right Wing Politics & Preston Manning:

This hate came from a feeling that power and wealth is an entitlement for white Aryans where Followers of Manning got the idea that colour people who were from non Judaism based faiths, particularly Punjabi-Sikh-Men were a threat to that "White Entitlement" Due to the success ratio as they went through life and the deep ties of Sikhs to British Imperialism. Then they destroyed Christianity by using it as their religion to justify racism, bigotry and hate by mutilating Biblical scripture to defend their actions in denouncing colour men and ethnic cultures.

Manning even created a Federal MP who later went on to Minister posts who was a Pastor in a Christian church named, Stockwell Day, picked by Preston Manning to push terrible secular view of what it means to be a Christian became the "norm" to destroy the United Church of Canada to fund their churches. The greed with money and power using Christianity got so bad that a Polygamist group of Fundamentalist who claim Christianity as their basis to which marry girls as young as 12 years old in groups to be allowed to have their own town in British Columbia under the "Freedom of Religion" section of the Canadian Constitution.

On Politics on Race & Religion in Canada ...

Right Wing Politicians destroyed the safe, kind opinions people had of Christians since bigots and racists started hiding behind Christianity as a defense for racism and bigotry - ie. Preston Manning giving rise to the Right Wing Parties in Canada. Left Wing Politics preaches not being racist or bigots but if you asked them to be lead by Non Christian, non-Ismaili (of the Muslim group) - they might consider a woman who was married to a white man - like the few colour women we've had with notable positions in Canadian Politics but NOT a man who was colour, non-Christian non-Ismaili, married to a woman of that colour. If they did, I would be willing to bet, it would be to get at his wife. (based on what I've seen first hand). The left is not that complicated.

•Each Right and Left, organized in their pursuit to maintain white entitlement of males, with females who did not care and to rightfully maintain Canada as Christian, as its fathers of Confederation did with the United Church of Canada (Which Pastor & Ex Tory MP tried to destroy to get his Church money for him to financially benefit from personally).

•In fact the Left & Right created ministries and departments of Multi-Culturalism to get to know how, the communities work, to divide them and to financially benefit themselves by empowering the influential, rich and powerful as well as to take advantage of the weak.

AND ....

... Every Government takes your money ... think about it ...

Money Skimming and Flaws in Money Distribution is probably the most common scandal that happens in governments (anywhere) before their asked to leave. You Won't Learn this doing a Business or Political Science Degree at the University of British Columbia because UBC is a BUSINESS Run on Foreign Money and tax payer Donations to Pay The Government And It's People. The Boards and Board Members of Public Education, Public Health Care and Crown Corporations are picked by politicians and who they empower to make wealthy, powerful and influential, from what I can see, to benefit from financially then and later.

Then they infiltrate Free Market and Non Profit boards as much as needed.

On the Free Market, Non-Profits and Politicians ...

Boards hire Politicians and Politicians join Boards to control entitlement but it back fires. That is one of the reasons the Vancouver Board of Trade having a CEO/President who is an ex-Politician is such a problem for the free market. The more government and it's people get into the free-market, the harder it gets to do business - unless of course you're into Limited Ceilings, you suck at making money OR you can't push politicians without licking their ass. Hard to hear but that's about it. Then they push their set of "entitled white nothings up the ladder" in a number of decisions, opinions and view to create star-profiles for the entitled. That entitled set are those who were picked up Politicians, their Free Market and Non Profit Followers to have power, jobs, accreditation and entitlement.

What to see who these people are? Look at the "Business in Vancouver" "Top 30 Under 30 award" winners & "Top 40 Under 40" award winners are since ex-BC Liberal MLA Iain Black, became the President and CEO of the Vancouver Board of Trade.

This entire exercise year after year is to limit who controls the power-dynamic in Public institutions and other areas they need to benefit from as a party and personally.

On a government hands using "white Entitlement" to control who gets into Management & make money from Tax Payers ...

The clearest examples to me, having seen it in full action for over 15 years is Vancouver Coastal Health

The Vancouver Coastal Health, in their organizational structure, hire women primarily from the dark-skinned non-white women, women from the Philippines and women from South Asia for ground level Health Care Jobs. The VCH keeps Men & many Women from those demographics for Janitorial, food service and other jobs because they do not hinder "white entitlement". in their Organizational Behaviour. You can see this throughout who gets picked for upper management. These hires even when picked for lab work or other jobs higher in the pay scale with more education, do not question racism and "white entitlement".

Both the men and women support racism against Groups which white Vancouver Coastal Health staff degenerate with racist, bigoted lies to label cultures and colour men they wanted limited in their access to health care careers and career gains. More importantly, men of colour from non-Judaism cultures, particularly Sikh men because of their high success with education, jobs, money and power were excluded. Many of the men from that group, depending on where on the "Ethnic Acceptance Scale" they were, were either contract-employees, low wage employees and Directly OR Indirectly asked to leave if they effected the power dynamics of the Vancouver Coastal Health.

Chinese, Korean and other Asians who are not Aryans hired because of their content nature in being limited to "worker task jobs" (ie. lab jobs with titles which define their academic credibility), their inability to get into management, their non-confrontational response to firing, lay offs,racism as well as with limited job growth and limited accreditation who join in the ongoing racism, class denominations by race, gender, culture - sustained and propagated through the VCH to maintain "white entitlement".

White people in upper and middle management using their racism, bigotry and class denominations to use subordinate staff at all levels to spread racism, bigotry and degenerative views as truths like a disease throughout the system. The Right Wing and Left Wings in BC Liberal Party and the NDP, joining in for their own reasons.

To understand Government power-dynamics, one should look at the evolution of the BC Governments, Vancouver Coastal Health and it's operations.

After more than 15 years of my first hand experiences, I would encourage one to look no further and investigate the history of power dynamics within the Vancouver Coastal Health with the degradation and power limitations of Punjabi Sikh Males and perhaps others.

On Racism, bigotry & class denominations at the Vancouver Coastal Health Management & in the BC Government...

Investigate how the white entitlement in public & private hands, with their non-white supporters, used non-entitled Christians, especially from Asian non-Sikh communities to fund Christian Churches & crown corporations, then use those funds to feed public and private hands.

Investigate the racist push to get the Sikh Community out of Vancouver so They Would Never move back or threaten the white race and Christianity in Vancouver, I see as Preston Manning and Right Wing Evangelicals creating the fear establishment which pushed racism and cultural denominations.

Then ...

•Ask the Upper Management at the Vancouver Coastal Health, why there was a large flourishing community of Punjabi Sikh Families with kids who went to post secondary education, despite being great students, not make it in courses needed to get to medical school at UBC

•Ask the BC Government why the Punjabi Sikh Families left Vancouver in huge numbers.

•Ask the Upper Management at the Vancouver Coastal Health, why Punjabi Sikh Males left to Serve "their communities" but we're not encouraged to work at Vancouver General Hospital, GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre and other VCH landmarks in Vancouver City BUT pushed Out of Vancouver to start their practices

•Ask the Boards and Management at BCHydro, ICBC and other government areas

You will learn Who gets paid, why who you vote for doesn't matter, why governments always promise but not deliver, why you can't afford a house and whatever else you like ... but no one ever does!

... AND I Could Be Wrong BUT from My Personal 10 of 15 years in BC Rehab and VCH Hell, even I was refused care due to my skin colour and background which they used against me in the refusal of care and/or care which could compromise my well being is something I escaped to 100% private care.

On this PUBLIC HEALTH CARE Example...

You Can See How Money & Control is what PUBLIC Officials and Politicians Run For

... AND Your Votes Don't Matter

... it comes down to White Entitlement not how smart or hard working you are.

Your votes are not for you, your votes are to decide WHO gets to PAY THEMSELVES with YOUR TAX DOLLARS

And Pick Who They Want to Entitle


Why do I think the BC Liberal Party Spending So Much Now? Because...

1.They've Already Paid Themselves

2.They even Paid Unions (you think the Massey Tunnel Project and LNG came without unions?)

3.They Paid Boards

4.Paid Members of Boards

On Government controlling Free Enterprise...

It was a Non-Profit Board which picked & placed a BC Liberal, ex MLA and ex Minister, Iain Black to be ... President and CEO of The Vancouver Board of Trade (an institution used to advocate for public projects)

Ask yourself how the Accounting is done here...

Ask Yourself What the Vancouver Board of Trade is advocating for - Business or Politics?

might answer a few questions.

•Total Sh*t Show!

Milton Friedman left the building the day Preston Manning, Gordon Campbell came alive and the NDP died then tried to make a comeback thinking it was the Green Party.

It seems as though, Politicians run Vancouver and BC's Free Market and it's business plans & thinking. That there is a serious problem. What a terrible sack of damage we're in until the free market can handle it's weight without government hands needed to fund projects.

In the meantime, we're doomed to opinions and ideas with, no action or executive decisions which can help us, just a greedy set of elected retards on the Left and on the Right who couldn't make money ANY OTHER WAY.

God help us save Free Enterprise and what used to called Capitalism and Social Responsibility?

All Rights Reserved with the Author, Randeep Dosanjh, with Written Request and Consent

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