Women, Can You Share The Worst Thing A Guy Has Said To You At The Gym While Working Out?

    To all the boys I've never wanted to talk to: gym edition.

    Ladies, we all know how some men can be.

    They can say the wrong things at the wrong time.

    What's even worse is when they don't realize that what they're saying is wrong.

    How about when it's some guy at the gym? When I go to the gym, I keep my head down, I avoid eye contact, and I'm in my own little world minding my own business.

    Now imagine, you're working out and some guy has the audacity to walk towards you and say the worst thing you could have probably heard at that moment.

    And that guy just keeps talking and making things more awkward with you. He may have left you feeling mad or irritated. It can sometimes ruin your whole workout. You might even leave the gym right after the encounter.

    That's why I want to ask the women in our BuzzFeed Community to share the worst things that a guy has said to them at the gym. Your responses might be featured in an upcoming post!