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Parents, What's The Wildest Story You Have About Dropping Your Kids Off At Their Grandparents House?

Let the chaos ensue.

To grandparents, their grandkids could never do anything wrong in their eyes. They will spoil them, let them do anything, and even go along with it.

Some parents might not be particularly fond of how their kids are getting spoiled. Nevertheless, it is all done out of love.

When parents have had to leave their kids alone with their grandparents, for whatever reason, it's probably led to some interesting stories from parents about how that went.

Maybe you went to pick up your kids from their grandparents' house and saw that they thought an impromptu cooking show would be a great idea in the kitchen but it had ended with a small fire.

Or you left your kids with their grandparents and came back to see that they had ordered a bouncy castle for the day.

Whatever that story is, we want to read about it! Share your wildest story of dropping your kids off at their grandparents' house. Comment below and your responses may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!