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    You Know The Logo But Not The Meaning Behind It

    Logo design may appear simple but have you ever wondered what makes companies invest so heavily? Today, succeeding in the business world is no more a child’s play, a world where nothing exists without logic, where every single move requires to be carried out with a proper and well-defined purpose. And a logo design is strongly considered as a business tool with phenomenal worth. Gone all the days when companies used their name as a brand. Nowadays, companies demand innovative, novel ways of portraying their brand name. And this can be done precisely after going through vigorous designing and redesigning stages.

    Now I am sure you must have played the game ‘Guess the logo’ numerous times where one does not require to be a marketing nerd to play. Although, there were certain levels that forced some of us (including me) to seek help from Google but overall the Idea of stuffing the brand names in the mind of consumers was a grand success. So basically I don’t doubt on your logo vocabulary. The following post explores a few ingenious examples that carry hidden meanings in their design. The hidden symbols either the nature of the business or they might offer a clever visual representation of its name. So, check out how the web designers behind these logos seem to have nailed the art direction and execution.

    1. Toyota

    2. Amazon

    3. McDonald's

    4. Apple

    6. Wikipedia

    7. Google

    8. Formula 1

    9. Pinterest

    Blown away, aren’t you?

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    Rakesh Patel is Marketing Manager at eTatvaSoft - a mobile app development company. He relishes writing about various technology trends, management, leadership and much more buzzing things related to the IT industry. His idea of writing is to spread derived knowledge of the latest technologies through his online contribution amongst techgeeks and techlearners.

    “Design sells. It's something that all of us know, but few of us consciously acknowledge.”