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    10 Products That Helped Me Improve My Mental Health, Well-Being, And Confidence

    My personal favorite discoveries from the last year.

    Hi, I'm Rajen 👋! I am a commerce strategist at BuzzFeed, and as you can imagine I test a bunch of products. Here are all of my favorites from 2022 that helped with my mental health, well-being, and confidence.

    1. A therapy journal for anxiety and depression, aka your travel therapist. It's filled with writing prompts to help you note thought patterns and take steps to improve your mental health.

    green and gray guided therapy notebooks designed to help with anxiety and depression

    2. A Lego orchid that helped me revisit fun activities from the past.

    lego box with photo of gray planter and orchid flowers made of lego pieces

    3. A humidifier because its extra hydration helped me say hello to dewy skin and luscious hair.

    black homedics humidifier

    4. And grapeseed oil for my skincare routine, because soft hydrated skin makes me feel confident.

    brown container that says 100% pure grapeseed oil on the front

    5. A water flosser that helped me smile more and avoid pricey dentist visits.

    black and clear water flosser with buttons on the front

    6. A saffron serum to make me feel like Bella Hadid. With one drop of this serum, my skin is glowy and feels more hydrated.

    clear container of house of m saffron serum

    7. A pocket-size pill container because I am always forgetting to take my medication.

    pink pill container with five small sections inside

    8. A gym shirt that actually makes me feel great. It's lightweight, stretchy, and looks great with any color.

    black short sleeve workout t-shirt

    9. A container of Briogeo Curl Charisma because when your hair is on point so are you.

    container of briogeo curl charisma leave-in defining creme

    10. Lastly, a pair of Cloud 5 Running Shoes — I use them daily for the gym, walks, and chasing after my cat.

    red on cloud running sneaker with tie-free black laces