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10 Thoughts We've All Had About People Who Are Homeless

At the end of the day, we're all just humans trying to make it. Help change the conversation around homelessness with #HumansForHumans.

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2. "Why do you have pets when you can't feed yourself?"

Aaron Mccoy / Getty Images

Any pet owner would understand that animals provide a sense of unconditional love that we all crave as humans.

8. "How do you survive in the freezing cold winter?"

Mitchell Funk / Getty Images

Canadian winters can get pretty brutal, meaning people experiencing homelessness often have to rely on community shelters and emergency services.

9. "Get off the street and go to a shelter."

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Sometimes shelters can reach full capacity, which forces many to couchsurf, sleep in a car, or live on the streets.

Help change the conversation around homelessness with #HumansForHumans.

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