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These 12 Short Horror Films Packed A LOT Of Scary Into A Short Amount Of Time

Thrills, chills, or laughs in 15 minutes or less!

1. In Sound, We Live Forever – directed by Joshua Giuliano

a woman running to her truck in fear

2. Ayuda – directed by Patrick Mason

a girl with duct tape over her mouth

3. TIK-TIK – directed by Larica Perera

4. Overtime – directed by Craig D. Foster

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Craig D. Foster and Emma McKenna / Via

Poor Ralph just wants to leave work on time and get home. Lots of humor and suspense during these eight minutes.

5. Absence – directed by Rob Savage

6. Oscar's Bell – directed by Chris Cronin

7. Ding Dong – directed by Timothy Troy

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Timothy Troy / Via

If your doorbell has ever mysteriously rung at night, this creepy micro short is for you.

8. BEHIND – directed by Ángel Gómez Hernández

9. Holiday Fear – directed by Nicholas Payne Santos

10. Arrêt Pipi – directed by Maarten Groen

11. The Collector – directed by Marcus Alqueres

12. And lastly, The Ten Steps – directed by Brendan Muldowney

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Savage Productions (as SP Films) / Via

This short's bone-chilling ending just might stick with you for a long time.

Do you have any good short horror film suggestions? If so, drop some links in the comments!