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You'll Know 13/16 Of These Things If You Are The Organized One In Your Friend Group

Someone's got to do it.

1. Your friends always look to you when something needs arranging.

2. You're an admin for more group chats than you can count.

3. You're used to hearing a wild variety of excuses when people bail.

4. You can predict who is going to bail before they even mention it.

5. And sometimes you’re just not sure why you bother.

6. You don't mind being the designated driver if it means that everyone comes along.

7. You can always tell when something is wrong with one of the members of your group.

8. You are privy to more juicy gossip than you can handle sometimes.

9. You make sure that a birthday is NEVER forgotten...

10. Organising birthday presents is honestly like herding cats.

11. And there is always that one friend that never pays you back on time.

12. If you go away, no one actually does anything.

13. You know that sometimes agreeing with everything can be a necessary course of survival...

14. ...but occasionally you have to be brave and tell someone that they’ve overstepped the mark.

15. Sometimes your role can be a little overwhelming...

16. ...but ultimately, you don't mind because you don't know what you would do without your friends.

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