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This Is How Much Your American Girl Dolls Might Be Worth Now

Did you own a Samantha, a Felicity, or another American Girl doll popular in the '90s? They could be worth hundreds — or even thousands — of dollars.

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True '90s girls will remember American Girl dolls: Samantha, Felicity, Molly — the whole gang. Now, the toys have become rare collector's items worth thousands of dollars, with many having been taken out of production.

The American Girl collection was launched in 1986 with just three dolls, each with a historical background: Kristen Larson was a pioneer from Minnesota, Samantha Parkington was an orphan at the turn of the century, and Molly McIntire was from the World War II-era.

With Samantha and Nellie discontinued in 2009 (though Samantha was brought back this fall), Felicity and Elizabeth discontinued in 2011, and Molly and Emily archived at the beginning of this year, it's no wonder the dolls are fetching huge sums on eBay (based, of course, on their condition and age).

Pay special attention if you have a doll from the 90s; the ones with the highest asking price are from before Mattel took over the company in 1998.

(Note: Auctions may end following publication.)


Lindsey, the doll of the year for 2001, is going for $549.

Many of the dolls of the year all have a high asking price, likely due to immediately going into retirement. But again, the price varies widely based on quality: Chrissa, the girl of the year from 2009, has one auction auction going for $539.99, but another with a used doll went for just $102.50.


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