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    Dec 23, 2014

    Every Year, This Photographer Turns His Dog Into Other Animals For An Adorable Holiday Card

    Raggle the terrier will be your favorite Christmas pooch.

    Every year, photographer Peter Thorpe and his family get together to transform their dog, Raggle, for their amazing Christmas cards.

    Here's this year's card, with Raggle as a mouse.

    Peter Thorpe Photography / Via
    Peter Thorpe Photography / Via

    The Bristol-based photographer told BuzzFeed News he starts to think of that year's animal over the summer, eventually solidifying the idea sometime in November.

    "Usually I start thinking when relaxing on summer holiday but never form a complete idea until around November when the pressure is on," Thorpe said.

    Peter Thorpe Photography / Via

    Raggle as a donkey in 2007.

    "Each shoot is on the go for a couple of weeks making the props and sets helped out by my family," he explained. "This also gets Raggle used to costumes with little rewards when on set."

    Peter Thorpe Photography / Via

    As a bird in 2013.

    And instead of just photoshopping his quirky pictures, Thorpe uses real props to get the perfect shot.

    Peter Thorpe Photography / Via

    Raggle as a penguin in 2011.

    "Usually the shot is done in under five minutes," Thorpe said, adding that his pup isn't a diva: "Raggle is usually still happy to stay on set even when we have finished."

    Peter Thorpe Photography / Via

    As Scrooge in 2012 (not an animal, still adorable).

    He also shares fascinating behind-the-scenes pictures of how he created each shot.

    Peter Thorpe Photography / Via

    Here's how he made that bulbous bird costume last year:

    Peter Thorpe Photography / Via

    It's been 20 years since Thorpe started the project with his first terrier, Paddy.

    Peter Thorpe Photography

    Paddy as a Choirboy in 2001, and as a tree-topper in 2000.

    "Paddy was quite grumpy so the fact he would happily sit within a set dressed in a silly outfit was funny," Thorpe told BuzzFeed News on how the tradition started.

    Peter Thorpe Photography / Via

    Paddy as a turkey in 1999.

    In the beginning, Thorpe just wanted to promote his photography while showcasing that he had a sense of humor.

    Peter Thorpe Photography / Via

    Raggle also donned a turkey outfit ten years after Paddy did, in 2009.

    But after two years the pooch pictures became a tradition, and a part of their "family Christmas preparations," he said.

    Peter Thorpe Photography / Via

    As a camel in 2006.

    With the rescue pup at the ripe age of (around) 15 years old, she will sadly go into doggy retirement after this year's photoshoot.

    "Time to put her paws up now!" Thorpe said.

    Peter Thorpe Photography / Via

    Raggle as a sheep in 2010.

    h/t The Chive

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