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The Wildly Enthusiastic Stanford Cowbell Player Is The Real Star Of March Madness

No one has ever played a cowbell as enthusiastically as this guy and no one ever will.

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During today's Kansas vs. Stanford game, The Big Lead noticed that Stanford cowbell player Alex Chang had a fever, and the only cure was, well, you know the rest.

Stanford beat Kansas 60-57, but it likely wasn't their skill that pushed them over the edge, but the unmatched cowbell playing from their band.

Such enthusiasm. Such poise. It's certainly no coincidence they also beat New Mexico on March 21.

No one should ever even try playing cowbell again.

One thing is certain: None of us will ever be the same.

Insane Cowbell player says hello, internet.

Correction: A Stanford band member originally told BuzzFeed the cowbell player was named Edward M. Beaux, a long-running Stanford joke.

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