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These 11-Year-Old And 14-Year-Old Dancers Totally Destroy "IDFWU"

Taylor Hatala has teamed up with 14-year-old Larsen Thompson to bring more attitude than ever.

You've likely seen the internet's favorite 11-year-old hip-hop dancer, Taylor Hatala, in one of her many viral dance routine videos, like for "Anaconda" or "Shake It Off."

But now Taylor's back (and joined by equally killer 14-year-old dancer Larsen Thompson) to break it down for a jaw-dropping remake of Big Sean's "IDFWU."


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Rocking matching backward button-ups and inside-out pants, the ladies totally DGAF as they kill their routine to a cleaner version of Big Sean's platinum hit.

The bare-bones video, which was directed by Tim Milgram with choreography by Janelle Ginestra, puts all its focus on the teens' sassy AF moves.

As opposed to the original, which centered around a varsity football game...and Kanye.

The insanely talented young duo often set the stage on fire together. Taylor's been dancing since she was 3, and Larsen, who also models, has been a backup dancer for Christina Aguilera and Pitbull.

Fittingly, they call themselves the Fraternal Twins.

As Nylon perfectly put it, "There's no need for trees in this desert because this dynamic duo's throwing Amazon levels of shade."

We would never FWU, Taylor.