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    This Happy Shark Getting A Belly Rub Will Make Your Whole Day

    Who's a good shark?

    An adorable video from April reportedly taken at New Caledonia’s Aquarium des Lagons shows a shark getting a rub down like a puppy.

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    The aquarium posted the video on YouTube with a caption roughly translated to: "The aquarium's leopard shark interrupts the technician while he is cleaning... to get his little daily cuddle."


    Note: Commenters pointed out the shark looks to actually be a zebra shark.

    First, the shark approaches the diver hanging out in his tank.

    The diver flips him over, giving him a belly rub as the fish seems to enter a state of total shark bliss.

    "Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy??"

    You are, shark.

    H/T Bored Panda