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Meet Rupee, The First Dog To Ever Climb Mount Everest

This rescue dog has accomplished more than most of us ever will.

This is Rupee, a mutt who owner Joanne Lefson rescued from a dump in Northern India.

Rupee and Lefson traveled for ten days to reach Mount Everest's base camp, located 17,000 ft. above sea level.

The 8-month-old pup was dying of starvation and dehydration when Lefson found him. "When I saw him on that dump site he couldn't have had more than an hour to live. He couldn't even walk ten meters without collapsing," she told The Daily Mail.

Lefson had planned to make the Everest trip with her dog Oscar, with whom she had traveled the world, but Oscar died in January.

Rupee is believed to be the first dog to ever climb Everest. But the pup also had another kind of first experience while climbing the world's tallest mountain: Snow!

Rupee may be one badass pup, but Lefson still hired a porter to carry him in case he got tired.

Before the big climb, Lefson, Rupee, and filmmaker Dev Argarwel also traveled to spots like the Taj Mahal.

The trio also went around Nepal, where Rupee posed with some locals.

You go, Rupee!